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Mar 29 2009


It is horrible that they force players from the losing team to answer questions at the fucking post-game press conference.

Mar 29 2009


Pitt fucking sucks! Goddamn motherfuckers! Fucking brackets are all blown to fucking hell.

Mar 28 2009

Decoding Sick-Fuck Republican 1337 Speak

Apparently, the Democratic-controlled legislature and Democratic governor of the State of New York have come to an agreement to revise the draconian “Rockefeller” drug laws, that have been imposing horrifyingly long mandatory sentences on many non-violent drug offenders for over 30 years. The agreement between Paterson and his fellow Democratic leaders in the Assembly and …

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Mar 27 2009

Fucking Whiny-Ass Motherfuckers

I’m sure you’ve all read that “heartfelt” letter from the AIG fuckup who is “going Galt” because his cock is not being sufficiently stroked by the US government as they save his sorry-ass employer and his own sorry fucking ass from bankruptcy. These people were maximal fuckups. Drunk assholes who spent all day addled in …

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Mar 24 2009

Blogging While Female At Discover Blogs (UPDATED)

Dear friend and ScienceBlogs colleague Sheril Kirshenbaum has–along with her co-blogger Chris Mooney–just moved their blog Intersection from ScienceBlogs to Discover Blogs network. One of her new colleagues at Discover–some astronomer dude–posted the traditional Welcome New Blogger post, including a picture of Sheril and Chris together. Let’s see what kind of welcome she received from …

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Mar 23 2009

WTF NASA!?!?!?

NASA is soliciting on-line voting in the finals of the public naming process for the Mars Rover exploration doohickey. Vision, Amelia, Sunrise, Pursuit, Journey, Perception, Wonder, Curiosity, Adventure??? This is the unimaginative tripe they came up with as the finalists!?!?!? Wow, let’s call a scientific tool, “Curiosity”!! Holy fucknoly, I’ve got it!! Let’s call a …

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Mar 23 2009

WTF Reuters!?!?

Why the fuck doesn’t Reuters link to Krugman’s motherfucking NY Times piece in their own article that does nothing but quote liberally from it and then throw in a single line from Christina Romer that the Reuters “reporter” (HAHA! Yeah, right.) saw on teevee this morning while he was taking a shit and reading the …

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Mar 23 2009

Gin And Tacos

I just stumbled onto a great fucking blog via a link at I Blame The Patriarchy, called Gin and Tacos. The dude is one hilarious and incisive motherfucker, so go check it out!

Mar 22 2009

Civility and Decency

There is an interesting discussion going on right now at Evolving Thoughts concerning “civility” in intellectual discourse. The argument is being made that civility is an intrinsic good. It is worth pointing out that calls for “civility” are frequently used to silence those who seek to reveal the indecency of statements or actions of others. …

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Mar 20 2009

What The Fuck Is A Fucking Buckeye?

What the fuck is up with that asshole Ohio State buckeye mascot fucker? What is that fucking thing supposed to be? Is it some kind of fucking seed, or a nut?

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