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Feb 08 2009

The Motherfucking Pro Bowl (UPDATED)

Comrade PhysioProf is experiencing severe NFL season-ending withdrawal symptoms. Like many football junkies, I will watch the Pro Bowl. But it is not real football, and I’m not gonna really enjoy it. I’ll choke it down like a desperate alky rifling the medicine cabinet and chugging down a bottle of fucking Listerine. UPDATE: Fuck me. …

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Feb 06 2009

How Fucking Cool Is This Tune? (Updated)

UPDATE: Here’s a few questions for Comrade PhysioProf’s readers: (1) What the fuck is up with the dude in the audience in the baseball jersey? (2) Why did the cameraman/editor show the lead singer making fuck faces during the organ solo? (3) Why did the cameraman/editor show the congas that no one is playing, and …

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Feb 05 2009

Shut The Fuck Up You Hypocritical Assholes

If I have to listen to another flabby soft sanctimonious teevee douchescrote cluck at Michael Phelps for smoking a motherfucking bonghit, I’m gonna projectile vomit. What percent of those cockspankers do you think have sparked up? 90? 95? And fuck Phelps, too, for rolling over and begging for forgiveness for his “bad judgment”. Sack the …

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Feb 04 2009

Our Beloved News Organizations

Amanda wonders why the mainstream news media are carrying sick-fuck right-wing water by “analyzing” the Daschle withdrawal as sounding the death-knell for universal health care in this country, just like they carry sick-fuck right-wing water ALLFUCKINGDAY EVERYFUCKINGDAY FOR EVERYFUCKINGTHING. Why do the media propagate deranged right-wing memes? Our current crop of box-wine-chardonnay-swilling pig-sphincter-wienie-gobbling cocktail party …

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Feb 03 2009


Regardless of the ethical analysis of the mother’s and physician’s actions, it is undeniable that baby fetishists encourage this kind of shit by treating families who have multiple births as some kind of heroes deserving of adulation, who are paraded all over teevee and given metric fucktons of free shit.

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