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Feb 26 2009

Hypocritical Republican Scumbags

“I think we just ought to admit we’re broke. We can’t continue to pile debt on the backs of our kids and grandkids,” said House Republican Leader John Boehner. Where were these motherfuckers when Stoopie McFuckwit was looting trillions and trillions from the Treasury and handing it over to his corporate oligarch cronies? Oh, right. …

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Feb 25 2009

Bobby Jindal Is Absofuckinglutely Correct

I think it is very important for each of us to take personal responsibility for geothermal tectonic activity. Eleventeen fucktillion gigajoules of magmatic energy is no match for the home-spun down-to-earth common-sense ingenuity of real hard-working Americans. h/t Jon Swift.

Feb 24 2009

Lecture Course Motherfucking Pedagogy

Sciecewoman has an interesting post up in which she seeks advice on the question of pacing of large lecture courses: I’m struggling with pacing in my introductory class this semester. I’ll admit that I am using powerpoint, even though I’ve been told that it is evil beyond all evil. I’m sure that there are better …

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Feb 23 2009

Baseball Shit

Pete Rose was interviewed by Michael Kay yesterday about the A-Rod situation. As usual, Rose used the platform to complain about the fact that he is still barred from the Hall of Fame. Some have argued that Rose–who was banned from baseball for betting on baseball games and, in particular, on his own teams games–committed …

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Feb 18 2009

“Evolutionary Psychology” Is A Load Of Fucking Shit

Amanda has a detailed take down of a particular “evolutionary psychology” “study” yesterday that really makes clear that the motivation for this crapola is apologetics for misogyny. Here broader point–other than the specific takedown–is as follows: [T]hese are troubling indicators that armchair evo psych “theories” about how women are biologically inferior to men have become …

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Feb 14 2009

Now That’s Motherfucking Braising!!!!!111!!!


Feb 14 2009

Happy Motherfucking Valentine’s Day!

Comrade PhysioProf wishes all his readers a Happy Motherfucking Valentine’s Day!!!111!!!ELEVENTY!1111!!!!! He will be preparing braised lamb shank and baked potatoes for him and PhysioWife as a Motherfucking Valentine’s Day dinner. And guess what we’ll be drinking!!!!!!!!!h

Feb 13 2009

Who You Gonna Believe?

As usual, Driftglass does an outstanding job of pointing out the fork in the road our nation now is faced with: Suddenly, calamity is throwing light in all kinds of places we weren’t supposed to see, Suddenly the armor of public delusion falls away, the Emperor’s New Armani disappears in a blast wave of unrebuttable …

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Feb 13 2009

Why Are We Scientists?

Ambivalent Academic has an interesting post up in which she discusses the details of her ambivalent–love/hate–relationship to science. One of the things she loves about science is the “pure pursuit of truth/knowledge/information”: Science, in it’s purest form, is a way of knowing. There are other ways to approach what we do not understand about life, …

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Feb 10 2009

Newspapers Are Just Like Motherfucking Universities

Some wackaloon nutter has proposed that newspapers and universities have sufficient similarities that they should entertain the possibility of merging (h/t Coturnix): Consider these parallels: What is the purpose of a newspaper? To establish a network of fact-seekers (correspondents) who pass information to a group of quality control processors (editors) who repackage the information for …

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