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Jan 31 2009

Happy Blogroll Amnesty Day!!!!111!!eleventy!!111!!


February 3 is Blogroll Amnesty Day, a day that will live in infamy, but that has been converted into a kick-ass celebration! (Thanks to the Skipmeister for the image!) On B.A.D. we celebrate smaller bloggers by (1) linking to five smaller blogs we appreciate in this post, (2) reiterating our liberal blogrolling policy–you blogroll me …

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Jan 29 2009

“Partisan Rancor” My Fucking Ass!

We are having an interesting discussion over at the Questionable Authority of yesterday’s post and related issues. One of the related issues that has arisen is the notion that bipartisanship is an intrinsically good thing and “partisan rancor” is intrinsically bad. As one of Questionable Authorities commenters put it: Please don’t stoop to their level …

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Jan 28 2009

Double Secret Reverse Political Jiujitsu? (UPDATED)

Many people have been wondering why Barack Obama is running around hat in hand trying to “reach across the aisle” to depraved sick-fuck America-hating Republican shitbags to seek support for his huge-ass eleventeen fucktillion dollar stimulus bill, when the Democrats have unstoppable majorities in both the House and Senate. He has even gone so far …

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Jan 25 2009

Comrade PhysioProf’s Perfect Rye Manhattan


Comrade PhysioProf has decided to share a cool-ass drink that he concocted last night. It is a variation on the “Perfect Manhattan”, which traditionally contains a 2:1 proportion of bourbon to vermouth, with the vermouth equal parts sweet and dry, and a few drops of bitters. Here are the ingredients: three shots Sazerac rye whiskey …

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Jan 25 2009

Open Letter To MSNBC

Dear MSNBC: Chris Matthews is a fucking cancer on American society. It is the shame of the “journalism” industry that depraved sick fucks like him–who droolingly jerked themselves off on teevee over Stoopie McFuckwit’s flightsuit bulges and faceshot jism all over the motherfucking polity–still have a prominent venue for spewing their toxic waste. Scuzbuckets like …

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Jan 24 2009

On-Line Personality Test

Ambivalent Academic has posted her results on an on-line personality test that is part of some sort of academic survey or some such shit. Comrade PhysioProf posts his own results inside the crack.

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Jan 23 2009

Open Letter To Google

Dear Google: It is totally motherfucking chapping my ass that there is only a single Google login that can be active on a given computer at a given moment in time for *all* Google apps: mail, reader, apps, calendar, etc. This is a total fucking pain in the ass for people who use multiple different …

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Jan 20 2009

Comrade PhysioProf’s Inaugural Shoe


h Prada shoes that are at least 10 years old.

Jan 20 2009

Fuck The Mainstream Media

Every single motherfucking scuzbucket teevee “journalist” should shut the fucking fuck up RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!!!! These people are a disgrace to the profession of journalism, and a completely destructive influence on our polity. I PUKE ON ALL OF THEIR SHOES!!!!111!!1!!1!1eleventy!!11!! SHUT UP NOW!!!!!!!!11111!!!1!!!! with your goddamn motherfucking fake-ass “analysis” and “insight” that is just …

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Jan 19 2009

PhysioWife’s Inaugural Shoe


Nine West shoes to wear with a formal ballgown at an inauguration party. w00t!!

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