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Dec 14 2008


The motherfucking Cowboys fans booed the shit out of TO when he ran onto the field! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! I hate to say this, but “GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!” UPDATE: First Romo pass went to TO, perfect pass, and TO dropped it. The fans booed him mercilessly!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 13 2008

Korean Airline Pilots, Arrogant Physicians, and Life-Or-Death Decisionmaking

Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Outliers: The Story of Success (Little Brown), contains a very interesting discussion of the reasons for plane crashes. It turns out that very few plane crashes involve unsurmountable catastrophic mechanical failure. Rather, most plane crashes occur as the consequence of a chain of small human decision-making errors compounded by poor communication …

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Dec 09 2008

Open Letter To Keith Olbermann

Dude, Comrade PhysioProf loves you, and he hates George Bush as much as the next non-deranged American. But we are getting a little concerned about your continued single-minded focus on Bush and his sick-fuck right-wing supporters. Bush is a powerless lame duck. Power is beginning to nucleate arround Obama. Comrade PhysioProf demands that you hold …

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Dec 09 2008

Twelve Months Of Comrade PhysioProf

I got the idea from DoucheMonkey and think this is kind of a cool meme, so here we go with the first sentence of the first post of each of the months of 2008. (Comrade PhysioProf has exercised a mild editorial license in interpreting the terms “first sentence” and “first post”.) January: This is my …

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Dec 06 2008

Question For Comrade PhysioProf’s Readers

Why is an opened bottle of amontillado sherry that has been sitting on my counter for months with an EtOH concentration of 18.5% still perfectly good, while a bottle of Ridge zinfandel that is 15.9% EtOH spoils within a few days of opening? Is it that small difference in EtOH that makes the difference, or …

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Dec 05 2008

Mentoring Writers

One of the most important roles academics play as mentors is teaching their trainees how to write effectively, whether in science, the humanities, or whatthefuckever discipline. As soon as I see the first piece of writing produced by a new trainee in my lab, within seconds I either breathe a tremendous sigh of relief, or …

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Dec 02 2008

Hard-Working Americans

“Hard-Working American” is right-wing scumspeak for “not a nigger or a spic”. Period.

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