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Dec 31 2008

Happy Motherfucking New Year!!11!!!!!1111!1ELEVENTY!11!1!

Happy New Year to all the readers of Comrade PhysioProf! Thank you for helping make this a great year of blogging. Now let’s crack the Jameson and get fucking wasted!!11!!11!!!11!! w00t!

Dec 29 2008

Jon Swift Kicks Total Fucking Ass

Jon Swift is a generous motherfucker, both with links and time, and has compiled an annotated list of the best blog posts of 2008, as chosen by each blogger on the dude’s blogroll. And for those of you who are not on Swifty’s blogroll, you should know that he has a liberal blogroll policy, and …

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Dec 28 2008

E – A – G – L – E – S!!!!!!

Raiders beat the Bucs. Texans bear the Bears. That means the Eagles control their own destiny for the 6th seed in the NFC. And it’s 27 – 3 Eagles over the Cowboys at halftime! OH, PLEEZ, OH, PLEEZ, OH, PLEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!11!!1! UPDATE: Fumble forced by Dawkins! Return by Clemons! Massive stiff-arm to Choice! TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t!!!!! UPDATE …

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Dec 27 2008

Bloggers And Journalists

There is a bit of a foofaraw going on right now in the science blogosphere concerning the relative ability of actual working scientists versus science journalists to convey the content of scientific advances to the general public. There are three main points I want to make here. The first concerns whether conveying the content of …

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Dec 25 2008

Racism Is Dead In America

From the Nation: Herrington shouted at the other men to run and turned to face his attackers: three armed white males. Herrington says he hadn’t even seen the men or their weapons before the shooting began. As Alexander and Collins fled, Herrington ran in the opposite direction, his hand pressed to the bleeding wound on …

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Dec 21 2008

Enough Is Enough

It is a disgrace–and politically stupid–that Barack Obama wants to “reach across the aisle” and “work with” these sick GOP motherfuckers. The only people left in the GOP are depraved misogynist, theocratic, racist, and/or plutocratic scumbags. “Working with” the GOP is something Democrats have been attempting since Clinton. It never, ever, ever works. Give them …

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Dec 18 2008

Worst Person In The World

Keith Olbermann is Comrade PhysioProf’s WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD today. He gave an impassioned speech about the hatefulness that underlies the California Prop 8 anti-equality thingie. But I have yet to hear him passionately call out Obama for his selection of hateful scumbag anti-equality shitheel Warren as his inauguration jesus freak. Keith Olbermann is …

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Dec 16 2008


Comrade PhysioProf knows his physiomotherfuckinology, but he is no economist. Can someone please explain why the fact that the Fed decided today to lend money for motherfucking free caused a sharp jump in the equities markets? As I recall, the last time a national monetary authority was lending money for free, it was in Japan, …

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Dec 16 2008

Caroline Kennedy

I’ve got nothing specifically against Caroline Kennedy, but can someone please explain to me what qualifications she possesses to represent New York State in the United States Senate besides that she’s a motherfucking celebrity and member of a political dynasty? She’s never been elected to anything and never spent time participating in government, legislative, or …

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Dec 15 2008


EAGLES WIN!!! (Yeah, I’m a little uneasy about two picks in the end zone. But defense looked SCHWEET!!!!!!)

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