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Nov 12 2008


A judge in the state of Connecticut has just entered judgment for the same-sex couple plaintiffs in a lawsuit seeking the right to wed, based on the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling on Oct. 10 that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to wed rather than accept a civil union. Comrade PhysioProf has asserted that the …

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Nov 09 2008

Andy Fucking Reid!!!!

Third and short, and then fourth and short, with the game on the line, and you call two motherfucking runs up the middle!?!?!?!?!? You don’t put the ball in the hands of the best motherfucking athlete on your motherfucking team, Donovan McNabb!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Like, maybe, a motherfucking option play!!?!?!?!?!?!? AAIIIIIIIEIEIEIEEIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I saying this AGAIN!!!!1!?!?!?!?!?

Nov 09 2008

Marriage Equality

These recently passed propositions that deny marriage equality as a civil right are based solely in religiously motivated hatred, plain and simple. The solution to all of this is to get the state out of the “marriage” business completely, and give absolutely no legal weight whatsoever to religious mumbo-jumbo ceremonies. In this legal regime, any …

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Nov 08 2008

Open Letter To Rahm Emanuel

Dear Chief of Staff Emanuel: I hereby urge you to appoint Maureen Dowd as ambassador to some shitty irrelevant little country that has to do whatever the fuck the United States wants it to. Her outstanding qualifications are demonstrated by the following excerpt from her most recent column for the New York Times: How could …

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Nov 06 2008

The Hypocritical Republican Scuzbucket Shitstorm Begins

Despicable right-wing slimeball House Republican leader John Boehner: Rahm Emanuel “is an ironic choice for a president-elect who has promised to change Washington, make politics more civil, and govern from the center.” Hypocritical bullshit like this is “ironic” coming from the House leader of the deranged political party that wrote the book on incivil politics …

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Nov 05 2008


It is a very good thing that the Republican Party has been soundly defeated in the Presidential election yesterday. The main thing is that we now will have someone occupying the White House who is not a batshit deranged asshole with his lips around the cock of the America-hating far-right-wing fringe. However, don’t get the …

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Nov 03 2008

Recipe War: First Dessert Course (Non-Chocolate)


This week Dr. Isis the Scientit and Comrade PhysioProf are battling it out with non-chocolate dessert recipes. Just a reminder that this battle is just for honor, as Dr. Isis the Scientit has already clinched victory in the recipe war!!! Comrade PhysioProf’s non-chocolate dessert is Bishop’s Bread Coffee Cake, made using a recipe handed down …

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Nov 02 2008

Welcome New Blog, Behind The Stick

There’s a new blog in town, Behind The Stick, written by Scribbler50, a bartender/writer who pours a generous Jameson and wields a sharp pen. Here is a snippet of his inaugural post: He’s a first class handjob and a guy who’ll surely be “cut off” within the hour. It’s in his DNA and if it …

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Nov 01 2008

DoucheMonkey Has A Question

Comrade PhysioProf’s friend and colleague DoucheMonkey has a question about why the Republican Party glorifies dumbfuck ignorance, and vilifies knowledge: The press used to make fun of Clinton for his fondness for policy wankery wonkery. I never understood this. I wanted the President to know stuff. I still do. How on earth did this ever …

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