The Change We Need!!1!!1!ELEVENTY!11!!!11!!!

This Geithner dude who Obama supposedly picked to be his Treasury secretary:

Geithner, 47, served as an undersecretary for international affairs under Summers, 53, and has been at the helm of the New York Fed since November 2003.

Cool!! This asshole has never not been on the inside getting everything completely totally off-the-rails fucking wrong. He’s been doing, at a minimum, absolutely nothing over the last eleventy years to prevent the unfettered economic implosion we are experiencing, and, more likely, cheering the shit on.

Sheesh. What the fuck happened to “The Change We Need” or whatthefuckever the slogan was? “YES WE CAN” hire the same greedfuck assholes that got us into this economic mess!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAH!

Roubini for Secretary of the Treasury! He’s someone who’s been getting the shit right!111!!!!!!!