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Oct 30 2008

Comrade PhysioProf Is Dreamy!

Comrade PhysioProf has been appearing in the dreams of certain science bloggers, and others have expressed the desire for Comrade PhysioProf to appear in theirs. Comrade PhysioProf would like to publicly announce his availability to appear in all of his readers’ dreams. Please address all inquiries concerning dream appearance requests to [email protected]

Oct 27 2008

Congratulations Dr. Isis!!!!!!! (UPDATED)

With last week’s win in the second meat course, Dr. Isis the Scientist has clinched victory in the Recipe War. Comrade PhysioProf bows in abject submission to her Domestic Goddesshood. UPDATE: Just to be clear, we will still continue with the two dessert course battles, because we love our readers and want to please them …

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Oct 26 2008

Six Random Things About Comrade PhysioProf

Comrade PhysioProf has been meme-tagged (god I hate that fucking word) by kind, beautiful, and exceedingly intelligent blogger Renegade Evolution. Here’s the dealio with this motherfucking meme: 1. Link to the person who tagged you. 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Write six random things about yourself. 4. Tag six people at the …

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Oct 25 2008

“Country First” A Sleazy Smear

The motto of the McCain/Palin campaign–”Country First”–is a despicable smear, and is indisputable evidence that the deepest core of the McCain/Palin campaign is built on hateful lies about Barack Obama. “Country First” as a political motto has no meaning except in distinction to an opponent who would not put “Country First”. If implying that Obama …

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Oct 25 2008

Olbermann, Palin, Basic Science, and Bill O’Reilly (UPDATED)

I rarely watch anything at all on teevee other than sports and Project Runway, but last night I happened to be home and put on Keith Olbermann. He was discussing a comment made by sick-fuck extreme far-right-wing racist misogynist theocratic secessionist traitor Sarah Palin concerning biomedical research: Where does a lot of that earmark money …

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Oct 24 2008

Best UK Punk Song Ever

Discuss, motherfuckers!

Oct 23 2008

Sarah Palin’s Expensive Wardrobe

Who gives a flying fuck about Sarah Palin’s expensive wardrobe? It is only a distraction from the vastly more relevant fact that Sarah Palin is an extreme far-right-wing sick-fuck misogynist racist theocratic anti-American secessionist scuzbucket traitor.

Oct 20 2008

Recipe War: Second Meat Course


Comrade PhysioProf is still giddy from his decisive win over Dr. Isis the Scientist in the First Meat Course. This week, Comrade PhysioProf has prepared Pork Chops Stuffed with Cheese and Prosciutto in a Mushroom Sherry Sauce. All the details and shit are inside the crack.

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Oct 19 2008

Fuck Colin Powell (UPDATED)

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s teh awesome that Powell has endorsed Obama, and might help him with military voters and, specifically, in Virginia. But for fuck’s sake, do we really need to suck the head of his motherfucking cock while lovingly stroking the shaft!?!? This lying motherfucker is an opportunist through and through. He has the …

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Oct 19 2008

Moral Sense Test

Eric Schwitzgebel (a philosopher at U.C. Riverside) and Fiery Cushman (a psychologist at Harvard) have designed a “Moral Sense Test” that asks respondents for their takes on various moral dilemmas.  They’re looking to compare the responses of philosophers and non-philosophers, so they’ve asked me to post a link to their test from this blog.  They …

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