Oct 10 2008

Shorter David “Lying Right-Wing Asshole” Brooks

Shorter David “Lying Right-Wing Asshole” Brooks:

“If Democrats weren’t such pointy-headed coastal-elite pantywaists, the Republican Party would never have become the refuge of deranged racist misogynist theocratic gibberers.”


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    But us liberals just can’t help but read him. Why is that? How many other conservative editorials do you consistently read? if you’re like me, none.

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    I don’t read that tidy little fucker, joonyah.

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    Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde

    The link, it is broken.

    I read Brooks because that smarmy pink shirt owl glasses picture helps me feel justified in my hatred of him, and by extension all such morans.

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    Uncommon Priors » I think I have a new favorite blog:

    [...] Comrade PhysioProf: Shorter David “Lying Right-Wing Asshole” Brooks: [...]

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