Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 06 2008

Left-Wing Wackaloon Punditry On The March?

Friend, colleague, and all-around motherfucking cool dude DrugMonkey has the following to say about an expected leftward shift in the ranks of the sycophantic wackaloon douchecornet pundit class: now that we are exiting the era of idiot milquetoast pseudo left punching bags as “balance” on the right wing wackaloon punditard teevee shows, the question arises. …

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Jul 02 2008

Obama Sucks Wackaloon Evangelical Dick

Commenter Terry had the following to say about news reports that Barack Obama is sucking religious wackaloon dick: You know, it would really be great if a true liberal presidential candidate were available, one that would say, “Fuck You!” to the press, to the republicans, to the believers in some daddy sky fairy that will …

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Jul 01 2008

Transient Blogging Slowdown

I am out of pocket for a couple weeks attending to academic/scientific responsibilities that will interfere with fucking blogging. Consider this an open thread to rant and rave among yourselves. As incentive for awesome ranting, I will select some comments for elevation to posts of their own! Peace, motherfuckers!

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