Welcome Field Negro Readers!

Many thanks to Field Negro for making PhysioProf his current BLOG I AM FEELING! It is quite an honor, and I warmly welcome all his readers!! Here are links to a few of what I consider my better substantive posts:











  1. larue says

    I Like The Post Up Now As Tribute Again To PhysioProf’s Blog Am Feeling. *G*

    Nice site, BTW, one I haven’t known of.

    Field Negro does some good work I skimmed thru!! *G*

    The Tide Is High.
    And Getting Higher.

    The mood amongst the restless populous grows increasingly dark and sardonic.

    Shit’s gonna happen.

    I’m glad I’m not a neocon, present White House functionary in any way, or any of the one’s who’ve messed up this country since Newtie Went Contract On AmeriKa.

    Paybacks are SUCH, well, you know.

    I hope it hurts them all till their graves.

    For a millineum or more.

    Rock on PhysioP. Rock on.
    The Tide Is Heightened.

  2. jlazard10 says

    LMAO….you like the “F” word…I would use it MUCH more in mine, but my dad reads it and he would just go off on me, lol.

  3. littlem says

    *murmurs with stereo chorus*



    I believe that is an appropriate response.

    Physio and Field in 2016.

    Actually, I think you both might need cabinet posts.

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