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Apr 08 2008

Holy Shit! Knitters And Crocheters Totally Love PhysioProf! (UPDATED, AGAIN)

PhysioProf is getting a stream of visits from a link in this post on “Ravelry”, “a knit and crochet community”: http://ravelry.com/discuss/lazy-stupid-and-godless/155804/1-25 PhysioProf happens to love knitters and crocheters, and is very distraught at the possibility that knitters and/or crocheters think he is lazy, stupid, and/or godless. But maybe these knitters and/or crocheters are actually posting …

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Apr 05 2008

Mike Mukasey Makes Chuck Schumer Look Like A Fucking Idiot

When AG Michael Mukasey was up for Senate confirmation, I wrote a very sternly worded letter to my Senators, Clinton and Schumer, exhorting them to make sure that they didn’t vote to confirm someone who wasn’t going to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States. Schumer, a pivotal vote on …

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Apr 03 2008

Blogging While Pseudonymous; Blogging While Female (UPDATED)

Zuska and Female Science Professor have both posted in the last few days on writing and blogging while pseudonymous. FSP had this to say about those who bitch and moan about it: Some of the brave souls who rage against us Anonymous Ones say that we are damaging the public image of Academe. According to …

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Apr 02 2008

PhysioProf Critiques Some Fucking Architecture


PhysioProf is neither an artist nor an architect, but he does know that a major difference between art and architecture is that artworks need serve no ends other than the creative vision of the artist, while buildings must serve a broader purpose. Unlike art, many people are forced by circumstances beyond their control to look …

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Apr 01 2008

Foul Language And Civility

PhysioProf has been giving a lot of thought lately to the issue of foul language and civility. Many people have commented that PhysioProf’s constant use of dirty words detracts from his message, and turns off many of the very people that he is seeking to reach out to and influence. After ruminating very long and …

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