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Manly Right-Wing Wackaloon Douchemonkeys

Coturnix has a nice post up concerning the obsession of asshole right-wing Republican motherfuckers with “manliness”. Let’s be very clear on one thing: The only people left in the Republican Party right now are (1) insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers, (2) greedy power-mad sick-fuck corporatist oligarchs, and (3) insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian leaders who are tools of the greedy power-mad sick-fuck corporatist oligarchs. All this “manly” shit is part of their clever scheme for keeping the insane wackaloon right-wing douchemonkey authoritarian followers in line by serving them a toxic brew of fear, hate, and rage.


  1. says

    I needed a good laugh this morning.
    When I need a hand to do something, like jerk an engine out of a rig, stuff a transmission under one in a gravel driveway, move some lady friend and all her shit up two flights of fucking stairs etc ad finitum, I never see many Republicans there to help out.
    I got their manliness hangin.

  2. larue says

    Dang Bustedknuckles, I shoulda KNOWN yer a wrench!! *G*

    Totally escaped me . . . n hoss, yer lady friends are high maintenance!!!!! I hope they cook good meals for ya . . . ;-)

    I need a diesel monkey with tools and a Class A license to work for cheap in West Sacramento, CA. I’m a recruiter.

    You know any?

    I also need a small engine wrench, garden and lawn, landscaping two stroke and four stroke. With ALL their own tools, no sob stories my three roll a way’s JUST got ripped off while I was ‘on vacation’ last week.

    BK, I’m half ass kidding, but if you DO know of either of the above in Sacramento, CA, email me!!!

    [email protected]

    Who KNEW small engine wrench’s WITH PAID experiences, no felony’s and a full set of tools were SO danged hard to find? *G*

    Sorry bout the thread jump, Physioprof . . . ;-)

  3. larue says

    The Manliness Factor has spread.
    To New Yawk.
    It bit a Dem.

    Go figger. *G*

    Let’s hope it bites Shilary, before it’s all over.
    I GOT to believe she’s connected to this somewhere.
    Saudi Money . . . spreads, wide.
    N we know Saudi money is behind Shilary, too, as much as it was for Gov. ‘Champagne’ Spritzer. *G*

  4. says

    Larue, you’ll find a wrench with all the tools, a class A that works cheap right after you find a Unicorn and the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

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