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Jan 22 2008

Economic Meltdown, Financial Press & Electoral Politics

Markets are swirling down the shitter, economy can’t be far behind, and one wonders what this all means. Now PhysioProf is no economist–he’s just a belligerent asshole with a keyboard and an IP address–so if you want real solid economic analysis go to Agonist and read what Stirling Newberry, Ian Welsh, and Numerian have to …

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Jan 20 2008

Obama Reagan Imbroglio

Many progressive Democrats, including PhysioProf, are disgusted with Barack Obama’s comments regarding Ronald Reagan. Obama supporters are claiming that Obama is being misunderstood, that he wasn’t praising Reagan or his policies, and that therefore we shouldn’t be angry. This is a total load of horseshit.

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Jan 19 2008

More On “Bipartisanship” And “Reaching Out” To Republicans

A friend of mine mentioned to me that she thought that it would be a really good idea for whoever is Democratic presidential candidate to “reach out to moderate Republicans”, thereby hopefully winning the election by much more than the razor-thin margins that she considers the reason for “excessive partisanship” in the US. Those familiar …

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Jan 18 2008

What Do We Do Now?

A friend told me that she believes that the United States may be at a relative low point in its history, and she wondered whether we would reverse course and lift ourselves up, or whether we are on an irreversible course of continued decline. If you want to know what I told her, look below …

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Jan 17 2008

The Quaint, Outdated 4th Amendment

On Monday, Raw Story published an article describing some absolutely astounding comments made by National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell in an interview with The New Yorker (not available on-line). The fact that these comments have not been on the front page of every newspaper in the country and led every teevee newscast, and that there …

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Jan 16 2008

Worst Inflation in 17 Years (Updated Below)

According to Business Week, just-released government statistics indicate that consumer inflation in 2007 was the worst it’s been in 17 fucking years, led by energy (gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, electricity) and food. These are the consumables that people must buy, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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Jan 15 2008

Your Congress Hard at Work

I am really, really glad that the Oversight and Government Reform Committee of the House of Representatives is holding hearings about baseball players taking steroids. They certainly have the time and leisure to do this, because it’s not like there have been any decisions made or actions performed by any members of the Executive branch …

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Jan 14 2008

John Edwards–The Invisible Man

OK. I am really getting majorly pissed off about the way that the mainstream media are disappearing John Edwards. This asshole commentator on a major-market news radio station is talking about the Republican and Democratic candidates. He mentions McCain, Romney, and Giuliani as being important candidates on the Republican side. Then, he says, “Hillary Clinton …

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Jan 13 2008

Recession Woes

In my post yesterday about Rudy “Fucking Nuts” Giuliani, I made some parenthetical remarks about how to handle the current economic situation. These remarks were based not on my expertise in economics–I’ve got none–but on common sense, intuition, and the rule of thumb that if some smarmy asshole in a suit and tie on teevee …

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Jan 13 2008

How Did They Do That?

Ian Welsh published a great post yesterday at Firedoglake about the morality of allocating health care on the basis of personal wealth. He noted that whenever he addresses this topic, people crawl out of the woodwork with stuff like this: I worked hard for my health insurance. I don’t see why someone who didn’t work …

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