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Mar 28 2014

Another review of Noah

Ken Ham went to see the movie. I think he’s giving it a thumbs down. I am disgusted. I am going to come right out and say it–it is disgusting and evil–paganism! Do you really want your family to see a pagan movie the has Noah as some psychopath who says if his daughter-in-law’s baby …

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Mar 28 2014

Activism! On campus!

It’s been so long since my heart has been warmed by furious students and faculty fighting for what is right, and now it’s happening: UMTC is getting some pushback over an invited speaker. It’s Condoleeza Rice. Why did we invite a war criminal to speak on campus in the first place? She is a person …

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Mar 20 2014

Fred Phelps is dead


Is god laughing now?

Feb 24 2014

[Lounge #452]


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Dec 21 2013

Some people are easily fooled

Via Ally Fogg, the BMJ has published their annual satirical science story, as they do, and as usual, various slackish and hackish news sites have republished it as true (Hello, HuffPo!), and in addition, this time they’ve sucked in the MRAs! In this case, it’s because they published a stereotyped scenario of men trying so …

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Nov 03 2013

I get email

Well, darn. I guess I can’t just shut down the whole blog now. I’ve been following your blog for a long time now, starting as a 16-year-old Christian trying to cope with my father’s sudden cardiac-related death. With help from you and many other intelligent, unyielding atheist commentators, I’ve long since shed the religious mindset …

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Nov 03 2013

Your morning inspiration

Persevere! (via Boing Boing)

Nov 02 2013

The Carnival of Evolution #65: Horror Host Edition


I prepared for the Carnival of Evolution late at night over the last several days, bracketing the Halloween holiday, and coupled them with my traditional custom of watching horror movies. It wasn’t a good match. The evolutionary stories were far more frightening! Terrifying complexity! Let us consider the mind-blasting madness of dealing with tens of …

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Oct 20 2013

No self-awareness at all

Man, the sad sacks at AVoiceForMen must be desperate for affirmation if they think this article in The Beast on the Men’s Rights Movement is praising them. It’s a rather odd article that goes out of its way to be fair-minded, which may be what set them up: it treats W.H. Price, the head goon …

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Oct 16 2013

A friend zone fantasy

This is kind of neat: a daily science fiction short story. Today’s is Gather Your Bones by Jenn Reese. Somehow, it seems to fit this week very nicely. Which isn’t entirely a good thing.

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