Very dodgy, very beta


If you’ve ever wondered what Vox Day looks and sounds like when he’s not holding a flaming sword, Futrelle has unearthed a video interview. He’s actually not particularly interesting; he recites tepid versions of the awful things he’s written, and he gives a good impression of a not-very-bright person scuttling around in a corner to avoid getting pinned down.

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Now we know who still reads B.C.

I remember reading Johnny Hart’s B.C. back in the late 1960s. It was stale then, relying on feeble non sequiturs and unfunny one-liners, and it just got worse over the years as it became increasingly religious (You want to suck all the joy out of something? Just add Jesus.), and now of course, it’s the classic example of a zombie comic strip, the original creator is dead, and his successors just keep phoning it in.

But someone still reads it: Ken Ham, of course. He was quite amused by this piece of crap.

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Where are the toxic communities in atheism?


Jadehawk has been suffering to provide evidential support for Secular Woman, in particular their recent statement on their priorities.

However, one issue that has surfaced during this dispute demands our attention due to our understanding of events. Our stated values make it clear that we stand with survivors of sexual assault and those who believe and support them. We choose not to associate with those who align themselves with abusers rather than victims.

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The Irish holy war is unrequited


I thought I was done with this nonsense way back in early November; I wrote a post summarizing Michael Nugent’s bizarrely obsessive behavior, and washed my hands of him. Little did I know, he wasn’t done: for the past 6 months he’s gotten increasingly stalkerish, and is still hammering out thousands of words complaining about me. And now he’s complaining that I am diminishing the effectiveness of Atheist Ireland and the worldwide atheist cause! Perhaps if he quit embarrassing himself and his organization with his crusade, he’d be less of a joke.

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I figured I might as well comply with Radford’s lawyers’ demands, since there wasn’t much effort required. I throw out a lot of my redundant correspondence, so when I went looking for bits of any conversations with Karen Stollznow, I only have one left, and it’s a doozy. It included several files documenting her claims. Here’s her letter, and you’ll immediately see a major problem.

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I’ve been served!


I just got handed a subpoena from Ben Radford’s lawyers, and I am ordered to produce:

  1. All communications, including email and voicemail communications, letters or memoranda, to or from Karen Stollznow from January 1, 2013 through the present including, without limitation, communications relating to Ben Radford by name or by implication.

  2. All email and voicemail communications to or from any person, persons, groups or organizations relating to Ben Radford or Karen Stollznow or both of them.

  3. Copies of all blog posts or comments authored by you that relate to Karen Stollznow and/or Ben Radford.

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Going ionic, dissociating all over the place


Everyone is breaking up with everyone else, and it’s a good thing. Secular Woman states how silly it is to dissociate someone from an organization they don’t belong to, but goes on to point out that persistent pleas for civility are often used to displace concerns about more serious issues, as a way to silence dissent from the status quo, and that maybe we ought to be more concerned about the prolonged campaigns of harassment against women in the atheist community.

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Creationists ♥ Hitler

I thought Expelled was the king of creationist Godwins, but a new challenger has stepped forward: a biography titled “Kent Hovind : An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare”. The trailer has to bee seen to be believed: it’s all Hitler, interleaved with shots of Obama (what?) and George W. Bush (double what?). HE EXPOSED THE LIES OF ATHEISM AND EVOLUTION. HE IS IN PRISON FOR PREACHING THE TRUTH. HE OBEYED ALL LAWS AND THEY STILL THROUGH [sic] HIM IN PRISON. Shrill music. Hitler Hitler Hitler.

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Malice and incompetence?


Another black man was chased, beaten, and executed by the police. It’s a familiar story, but this one adds another twist: Eric Harris was shot accidentally by reserve deputy Robert Bates.

Bates, 73, accidentally shot Eric Harris on Thursday, according to Maj. Shannon Clark, after Harris — the subject of an undercover gun and ammunition buy by the Sheriff’s Office’s Violent Crimes Task Force — fled from arrest and then fought with a deputy who tackled him. Bates, Clark said, thought he was holding a stun gun when he pulled the trigger.

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