Episode CCLXXIX: Oregon!

I’m a Pacific Northwest boy at heart, so how could I not enjoy these gorgeous timelapse scenes from Oregon? Although I have to protest that there aren’t enough scenes from the coast or the green valleys of the Willamette — but then, it’s got an astronomy bias and the skies are not clear as often. I suppose a timelapse of winter skies like seething gray oatmeal is just not as photogenic.

(Episode CCLXXVIII: Evolution, sorta.)

Episode CCLXXVII: War on Christmas again

You will all be distraught to learn that, once again, the godless atheists have fired off more hate speech at Christmas. Atheist households all around the world will be playing this spittle-flecked rant to their children for the next month or so.

Also, Australian Christmas just inverts everything that is right and good. It’s positively hellish.

(Episode CCLXXVI: An animal with style.)

(via Token Skeptic).