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Jun 23 2014

Not All Physicists

Sean Carroll criticizes those physicists who say silly things about philosophy, answering three common, and erroneous, complaints from the ‘philosophy is dead!’ mob. It’s pretty good, and I was thinking that maybe this would finally sink in, but then I read the comments. Oh, boy. My favorite was the guy who said philosophy is pointless …

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Mar 17 2014

That big physics announcement explained

You want more on the discovery of gravity waves from the Big Bang? It’s beyond my pay grade, so you’ll have to mosey on over to SciAm for the plain English summary. Physicists have found a long-predicted twist in light from the Big Bang that represents the first image of ripples in the universe called …

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Mar 17 2014

Get a jump on the crowd

There’s supposed to be some gigantic announcement coming from the astronomy community today at noon. I think we’ve been burned by the hype a few times before (arsenic life, anyone?), but Sean Carroll thinks this might actually be a significant discovery about Gravitational Waves in the Cosmic Microwave Background. I had no idea what that …

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Feb 21 2014

Sean Carroll vs William Lane Craig

Right now! They’re battling it out on the nature of the universe in a God and Cosmology Debate. The preliminaries started at 7, my time. You missed the opening prayer in which the officiant begged god to lead everyone to a deeper understanding of the truth, concluding with the declaration that Jesus is the truth. …

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Jan 09 2014

Aurora alert

It’s predicted to be a good night to see the Aurora Borealis tonight for us northerners. If it weren’t cloudy out right now. If you’ve got clear skies and you live somewhere north of Iowa, you might want to take a peek in a few hours.

Oct 18 2013

I get email

It’s from another physics and Christianity crank. I wish he’d go bug Paul Davies; I’m a biologist, not a cosmologist. Atheists are superstitious 1. There is no rational reason to reject the Our Lord Jesus Christ since it is scientifically demonstrated He is Divine and the One and Only True God. Only unscientific minds would …

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Oct 16 2013

Science you can use!

It’s not to late to sign up to attend the 66th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting, where you can witness this presentation: Abstract: E9.00003 : Urinal Dynamics In response to harsh and repeated criticisms from our mothers and several failed relationships with women, we present the splash dynamics …

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Sep 17 2013

It’s all quite lovely…

…but I’m afraid these lyrics make about as much sense to me as the original Queen song.

Jul 17 2013

Differential Interference Contrast Microscopy, or the question I’m never asked


Thirty, almost forty, years ago when zebrafish were an up and coming model system and very few labs were working on them, we were used to going to conferences and reciting the zebrafish litany, a list of attributes that justified us working on such an oddball animal: we’d explain, for instance, that it was prolific, …

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May 26 2013

This is not science

We may have the answer to all of the big problems in physics! Or not. My money is on “not”. Marcus du Sautoy, a very smart mathematician and the fellow who occupies the chair for the public understanding of science at Oxford formerly held by Richard Dawkins, made a stunning announcement. Two years ago, a …

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