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Jan 06 2014

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Seriously disgusting

Six Seriously Strange Animal Adaptations

But then, if you want to repel nuisances, I guess being disgusting is a good strategy.

Jan 04 2014

The bestest toy in the whole house


I will not post cute cat pictures. I can’t. Our cat is in her manic phase right now, darting about the house, pouncing on us as we try to fix breakfast (her next phase will be her hyper-manic phase, in which she is just a blur), so she won’t hold still for photos. I can …

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Jan 03 2014

Friday Cephalopod: They call him “Slim”

Real Monstrosities

For perspective, it’s roughly 10 meters long.

Jan 01 2014

Botanical Wednesday: So that’s what all that white stuff is outside?


Dec 30 2013

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Ship of bubbles

Featured Creature

Dec 27 2013

Friday Cephalopod: Snuggleupapus

Stephanie Bush

Dec 25 2013

Wednesday Botanical: Destined for lumber


Of course the plant for today has to be a Christmas tree. A big dead tree. This one is going to be milled into lumber and donated to Habitat for Humanity, which is nice for humanity I guess. Not so cool for the tree.

Dec 23 2013

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: A CAT??!?!

Midnight making mischief

I don’t know about this. We’re at my daughter’s house for Christmas, and she and my wife obviously conspired to force this on me. Only good thing about it is that it accurately portrays the feline attitude: slitted, angry eyes, sneakily trying to get into the Christmas presents early.

Dec 20 2013

Friday Cephalopod: The Passive Detritovore

The cephalopod with the most impressively Goth name ever — Vampyroteuthis infernalis — turns out to be all show and no fangs. It still looks awesome.

Dec 18 2013

Botanical Wednesday: If you thought the chthucken was horrifying, get a load of this


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