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May 31 2014

Out of sight, out of mind

Imagine this: the way deer were hunted is to line up 100 bulldozers, and send them forward over miles of rangeland to scrape everything — trees, brush, squirrels, birds, dogs, foxes, everything in the landscape — into a big pile, and then the drivers would jump out and pick through the debris to pull out …

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Feb 04 2014

A haunting story about extinction

Sticky – – Preview on Vimeo on Vimeo This is just a preview — there’s a 20 minute short film hitting the movie festival circuit any time now. I want to see the whole thing.

Oct 25 2013

A good cause

Chris Clarke has put out a Kickstarter to fund a resource for information about California’s wildlife. It looks like an excellent idea. I wish I could imagine something similar for my neighborhood in Minnesota, but the majestic soybean, the mighty corn stalk, and the lithe, bounding dairy cow just aren’t that exciting. The prairie was …

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Jul 20 2013

We told you! You didn’t believe us but we told you!

Here, at long last, is proof sufficient to most systems of jurisprudence that I am not PZ’s alter ego. It’s the video from the #FtBCON panel Science, Skepticism, and Environmental Activism, held Saturday evening California time, also featuring Madhu Katti and Jennifer Campbell-Smith, my colleagues from the Coyot.es Network. The panel also featured Piasa the …

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Jul 07 2013

Hanging out with desert kit foxes

What, what time is it? July? Hell. I have some catching up to do around here. While I get less threadrupt, if any of you are available for and interested in a G+ hangout with the Desert Kit Fox project I wrote about this morning earlier this week, back in May, we’ll be doing one …

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Jun 21 2013

In Boring fields

In Boring fields the suburbs grow In Council houses row on row, A cozy place; and in the sky The plastic bags still bravely fly Used once by urbanites below. We paved the Dead. Short days ago It lived, sank roots, let seedpods blow, Ten thousand years, but bid goodbye to Boring fields. Dig up …

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Jun 20 2013

Flying over the Bakken

Ecoflight is a non-profit that uses light planes in the service of wildlands conservation. (I got on their mailing list a couple years ago after I took one of their flights over the California desert with pilot Bruce Gordon.) Today’s offering from EcoFlight’s mailing list included a link to this video of oil drilling in …

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May 23 2013

Help This Desert Kit Fox Study Get Moving

This Indiegogo science campaign is wonderful. Desert kit foxes are in trouble. They’re shy, they’re faced with competition even when things are good from other carnivores such as coyotes, and they’re increasingly being displaced by human industry. One recent distressing example of that last: builders of the Genesis Solar Project were trying to evict a …

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Mar 30 2013


A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff person happened to be in the right place this week to document a confrontation between two puma cubs and a band of five coyotes at the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming. There are more photos. (No sad kitty trigger warning needed.)

Mar 17 2013

Adam Merberg on grazing and Allan Savory and TED

I wish I’d seen Adam Merberg’s excellent takedown of Allan Savory’s TED talk on “greening the deserts” before I wrote my own. Merberg provides a history of Savory’s career that’s remarkably detailed for its relative brevity, with a couple of damning quotes by Savory, including this one: You’ll find the scientific method never discovers anything. …

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