A missive from the Dark Ages of 1995

Clifford Stoll wrote about the Internet in 1995. It’s amusing. He completely disses the whole idea.

Some parts of his rant are correct — he says no CD-ROM will replace a good teacher, which is true. There are aspects of the internet that were oversold, often imposing a computer on human skills inappropriately. But as it’s turned out in the last 20 years, there are some things the computer is really good at, and he missed those.

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Fargo tonight

Oy, it’s an evening for a debate with a creationist. Hey, Matt Dillahunty, would you like to jump on a plane and zip up here to Fargo, North Dakota to take over for me? You’re so much better than I am at this stuff.

Probably not. I just have to brace myself up, I guess. Anyway, it’s going to be packed with Christians — I think the 7th Day Adventists are sponsoring this thing — so any friendly godless faces in the audience will be appreciated. It’s at 7pm, in the Ramada Inn (1635 42nd St S), and the topic is “Is there evidence for a creator or not?”. I’m “not.”

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