#cvg2015: The beginninging

Today is the opening day of Convergence. Yesterday, we got all our stuff moved in, today we get it organized and pretty.

What I’m doing today: this afternoon at 2 Mary and I will be in the Sandbox showing kids how to identify bones in owl pellets. It will be disgusting and fun.

At 5pm in Plaza 1 I’ll be on a panel that is optimistic: “Technology won’t destroy us.”

Paranoid predictions about the technological downfall of mankind abound in media, but technology has also made human lives immeasurably better. We’ll talk about more realistic portrayals of tech, science, and human improvement. Panelists: Renate Fiora, PZ Myers, Heina Dadabhoy, Dan Berliner, Jason Thibeault

I’ll do my best to bring everyone down.

Then at 8pm, we open our party room (228) to the world. We’ll be there until 1am, talking and drinking and shaking our fists at god or whatever it is we atheists do.

Come on out!

#cvg2015: It’s Convergence time again!


We’re in a bit of a tizzy around here — Convergence starts on Thursday, and since we have a Freethoughtblogs party room at the event, Mary and I are actually heading out to Bloomington tomorrow, to start putting it all together. It’s a big job — we have to spill-proof a hotel room, move in lots of special furniture (like a bar!), put up flyers, register, decorate, etc., etc., etc. And then during the con, I’m doing 8 panels/demos (I have sensibly cut down from previous years, when I’ve done as many as 15, which was exhausting).

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It’s been a Yiannopoulos sort of day


That is, kind of like the dry heaves. I have enraged the Breitbartian trolls, and all day long, the Yiannopoulos lackeys have been yammering at my Twitter account, and all day long I’ve been tapping the block button. Although I have to admit that there was one tweet that brought me up short.

You are as outmatched by Yiannopoulos as you are Vox Day. Run away little man, while you still can.

Yes. That is very true, I agree completely. Nailed it.

If you have to ask the question, “Are we the baddies?”, you probably are

John Oliver makes a fine rant about the nastiness of internet trolls — it’s a little familiar to those of us who have been and are targets, but I’m happy to see more attention brought to the problem.

He failed to mention something, though: GamerGate. But that’s OK, because GamerGate immediately accepted the mantle of guilt.

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Bad dad


Oh, it’s Father’s Day? I’m sorry, my father is dead, and I’m going to spend most of the day traveling, so my own kids aren’t going to be able to contact me. Clearly, I am a terrible father.

Don’t tell anyone.