Status report on the Ada Initiative donations

I promised to pass along everything donated to Pharyngula until the end of the month to the Ada Initiative, less whatever it costs to take my wife out to dinner this weekend. You’re a generous bunch: the total so far is $1583. I know many of you also donated to Janet Stemwedel’s similar fund drive, and that’s just fine — we’re not competing, and it’s all good no matter how the money gets there!

Haters of the Skepchick/FtB Axis of Evil:

I am about to disclose a completely confidential correspondence from Rebecca Watson. She’s trying to rip me off, so I must have my REVENGE.

I’m trying to sell off as much inventory as possible before our move to SF in a few weeks and I have SO MANY MUGS. Too many mugs.

Can you do a post about them or something? And people can take 50% off everything using the code hellyeah50 at checkout. I’ve just reduced the mugs to $10, so then they’ll be $5. I’ll take a loss basically but it’s worth it just to clear up some space. Here’s the link:

Pharyngula Travel Mug | Skeptical Robot

Thank yoooooooooou!

I will get no money from this deal. We all know how important the vast sums of cash I receive from Rebecca Watson are to me, so every sale will make me lie here crying my eyes out…”No money, no money, no money”. I’ll probably weep so copiously that I’ll dehydrate, to the point that my kidneys fail and I end up dying agonizingly. Every sale will cause me so much pain.

And look! She has confessed that she’ll be losing money on this deal. Everyone who complains about how the Social Justice Warriors are just getting rich off the drama has an opportunity to strike back where it hurts: buy those mugs, make her bleed cash with every transaction. And as a bonus, you get a trophy: a Pharyngula mug that you can flaunt ironically, with a sneer.


Cat rituals

I’ve been conditioning our cat. From the first day we had her, I did this little thing in which I’d tap on a glass to make it ring a few times before feeding her, with the idea that if ever she escaped outside we’d just ring the dinner bell and she’d come running. Only it’s kind of backfired. She now expects dinner and a show.

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Another curiosity

I was just drinking some “vitamin water,” and noticed on the label that it says it is “naturally sweetened.”

I suddenly have a craving for something that is unnaturally sweetened. Can anyone tell me where to score some?

Can I also get that without any chemicals in it?