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Sep 15 2013

A blissful silence falls over the town

The Curse of Morris is no more. Last month, someone cut the wires to the cheesy carillon located in the cemetery just north of me, and the chimes no longer ring out every goddamn quarter hour. The obnoxious ass, Ted Storck, who is responsible for these horrible things wrote a letter to our local paper …

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Sep 14 2013

Cafe Scientifique resumes!

I’m giving you plenty of advanced warning, because I know it’ll take you a bit to arrange air flights and all that. Our first Cafe Scientifique of the new school year will be on 24 September, at the Common Cup Coffeehouse in downtown Morris. Biologist Pete Wyckoff will be telling us about The Impact of …

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Aug 21 2013

Don’t you wish you’d chosen UMM?

Now that the academic year is starting, the Star-Tribune puts out a short summary of success at Minnesota colleges. We’ll use it next year to recruit more students. The University of Minnesota, Morris stands out among the state’s public four-year institutions for generating more grads than expected at a good price. UM-Morris Chancellor Jacquie Johnson …

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Aug 20 2013

What if I don’t believe in South Dakota?


Seven of these signs are going up around the state, which if they’re effective might ameliorate my Dakota Denialism (I know it’s there, I just read the news about their state politics and wish it weren’t). Good work, South Dakota Coalition of Reason!

Aug 11 2013

Last call, Minnesotans

The fun and informative Minnesota Regional Atheists conference is over for another year, but there’s a little tiny bit more. After Atheist Talk radio this morning, Annie Laurie Gaylor and Greta Christina will be joining us for brunch at Q Cumbers — an open event. So if you weren’t able to make it to the …

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Aug 01 2013

It’s the first of August in Minnesota

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And you know what that means. My mortgage payment is due? The skeeters are ferocious? It’s hot? Trivialities, all. It means… Gay people can get married here! And the courts have been marryin’ up a storm since midnight last night.

Jul 25 2013

Al Franken exceeding expectations

Salon has a nice review of our senator from Minnesota, Al Franken (quick, who’s the other one?*). He really has been doing well, working hard, mostly coming down on the side of goodness and reason, and he’s also a darn nice fella in person — he’s even visited our quiet rural backwater a few times. …

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Jun 23 2013

An atheist goes to church: Federated Church of Morris

Today I attended the Federated Church of Morris. I’ve actually been here many times before in a different capacity — it’s where my district goes to vote (but that’s a different bag of worms to complain about). It also has a reputation as the most liberal church in Morris, so this is where a lot …

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Jun 21 2013

Mother Nature rebukes the trees


We’ve had a spate of ferocious weather here in Morris lately; a huge thunderstorm ripped through the area last night, keeping me awake with the constant rumble like freight trains rushing through my attic and the strobing light show of continuous consecutive flashes of lightning. I walked through town today and it was a scene …

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Jun 17 2013

Baseball and atheism

Minnesota Atheists’ regional conference will be held in St Paul on 10 August, with the always awesome Susan Jacoby as the headliner. Sign up and join us! We’ll also have Amanda Knief, Hector Avalos, Greta Christina, and some boring local guy they always bring in because he’s cheap and convenient. But it will be great …

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