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May 25 2013

We’re here at Pharyngula and it’s still …. Caturday!

So … PZ is in Romania and the World Clock shows it’s the wee hours of the morning there. Little doubt then that he is probably fast asleep. What could possibly be more harmless than this? Or a better time to post it …?

Jan 21 2013

Jenna Cavelle wants to correct ‘Chinatown’

If you’ve heard any history of the California desert at all, you’ve likely heard of the Owens Valley Water War. Here’s the canonical version of that War: The Owens Valley is watered by runoff from the immense snowfall from the Sierra Nevada to its west, much of which runs into the Owens River when it …

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Dec 25 2012

Presenting the most festive holiday image possible

We’re not much for the Big Winter Holidays at our place, for a few reasons: the atheism thing, revulsion at enforced mass consumption, Seasonal Affective Disorder. For myself there’s also the fact that my birthday follows close on the heels of the New Year, and though that used to be a jolly opportunity for reflection …

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Dec 16 2012

Palate Cleanser Sunday


I think we could probably all use a few reminders of good things right about now.

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Nov 01 2011

Help Hank Fox

He’s strapped, his father is dying, and he needs donations to cover one last visit. If you can, help him out. If you can’t, at least read his blog! The pennies will eventually trickle down and give him some assistance.