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Mar 12 2013

Good report on Federal wildlife torture from a surprising source

Sometimes, even Fox News gets one right [trigger warnings, as you might expect from the post title]: The brutal approach by Wildlife Services is part of a culture of animal cruelty that has long persisted within an agency that uses taxpayer money to wage an unnecessary war on wildlife, according to two U.S. congressmen who have …

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Mar 11 2013

Prediction: Some of you will read this and grab a roll of tape

“Ratters”. Ick. These are pathetic people who use a canned remote administration tool (RAT) to seize control of other people’s computers…especially to activate their laptop cameras so they can spy on them (which is why I predict some of you will want to tape over your camera). Ars Technica has a whole article on these …

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Mar 10 2013

Sadly, it’s International Women’s Day

It’s that day when we’re supposed to celebrate the accomplishment’s of women. I say “sadly,” because unfortunately there are way too many people out there who would rather sneer at and diminish women’s status in the world. Case in point: on twitter, I ran across this lovely tweet from one of those repugnant slymepitters. On …

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Mar 06 2013

Bora 1, Climate Denialist Kooks 0

This is really a thing of beauty: climate pseudoscientist Willis Eschenbach whines at the inadvertent comedy blog Watt’s Up With That that Bora Zivkovic has been moderating comments on his SciAm blog. Eschenbach, who’s also a Mass Extinction denialist, objects to Bora’s having instituted some basic anti-troll measures at A Blog Around The Clock that …

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Mar 02 2013

Al Qaeda has a magazine?


Apparently, they publish semi-irregularly an online magazine called Inspire. I’ve never seen a copy — and there have been cases of people in the UK being jailed for possessing a copy, so I don’t recommend that you go searching for one — but the latest issue includes this inspiring promotional piece. It’s an inspiring bit …

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Feb 23 2013

People suck

I’ve been reading the story of Adalia Rose, a six year old girl with progeria. It makes me sick. Not Adalia, of course, but the fact that when she had fun posting videos on youtube and facebook, the trolls descended. Sometime in June, Carl Ludwig Sherburne noticed a new "bandwagon," his term for the Internet’s …

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Feb 19 2013

I am now even more confident that we need more gun control

If nothing else, I want this asshole disarmed. BigDaddyHoffman1911 is some kind of gun freak from North Carolina who is proud to be walking around everywhere carrying deadly weapons…and here he is bragging about carrying a pair of Glock handguns equipped with 50 round ammo drums each. What war does he expect to erupt around …

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Feb 08 2013

This just in: Fox News ‘experts’ are lying shitsacks


You might have seen this already: Media Matters caught it and it’s making the rounds, including at my green energy joint at KCET. Fox News talking head Shibani Joshi says the reason Germany’s leading the U.S. in solar power installations by a factor of about 20 is that Germany has more sun than we do …

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Feb 05 2013

Nevada seems to have more than its share of idiots

Finally my lifelong lack of a college degree pays off! As it turns out,  college degrees are bad for living things. At least that’s according to sterling citizen Cliff Gardner of Ruby Valley in Nevada, who said this to the New York Times: “I’m sure most of the people being considered for [the state’s Department of …

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Feb 04 2013

Woman is a dirty word

I left a comment at Rebecca Watson’s recent post on being objectified; I said that while I face only a fraction of the abuse outspoken women get, lately the most common insult I get is being called a mangina, or worse, a woman. I now get email accusing me of being a woman. Think about …

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