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Apr 18 2013

We’re bullying the manly studs with guns?


Yesterday, I could start the day with the happy news that New Zealand had passed progressive legislation, and then burst into song. Today I have to look at my home country, and…goddamn, but we’re a dysfunctional mess. America is basically a rogue state, run by plutocrats and incompetents. After Aurora and Newtown, there was a …

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Apr 05 2013

The Joe Rogan experience


I was sent this curious collection of recent tweets by Joe Rogan, a comedian I’ve never much cared for, but they’re so bizarre I had to put them up for your amusement/contempt. Click for a larger image. His central point is this one: I view women that don’t like children the same way I view …

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Apr 03 2013

Just when you thought Libertarians couldn’t get any more revolting

Steven Landsburg carries out three “thought experiments”. They’re all pretty bad — one suggests that we have no grounds to complain about environmental destruction in Alaska if we’re living somewhere else, to which I’d have to reply, “You mean like Mars?” — but the third one…jebus, Mr Creepy McLiberturd is masturbating publicly here. Let’s suppose …

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Apr 02 2013

Good thing she didn’t call him a pedagogue


Another item for your personal Ray Comfort trophy collection via the Global Secular Humanist Movement Religion Is A Joke Facebook page. [Updated: or even better, via fredericksparks]

Mar 22 2013

Adria Richards did everything exactly right

We keep talking about making appropriate responses to sexism — not just those of us who are strongly pro-feminism, but even the regressive thugs on the other side will say that, although we’ll argue about what level of response is appropriate. But this is where I lose patience every goddamned time: apparently no response other …

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Mar 21 2013

What about Richard Littlejohn?

Everyone is talking about Lucy Meadows. Who was she? Just some schoolteacher in the UK. But Richard Littlejohn: he’s a big name. He publishes books and columns and gets his words spread all over the country. Lucy Meadows was ignored by policy makers…but Richard Littlejohn has clout. We should pay close attention to Richard Littlejohn. …

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Mar 20 2013

Democracy! Whisky! Sexy!

Ah, remember the good old days back in 2003 when every right wing blog in the country was proudly reciting that phrase? There was Dean Esmay, and Instapundit, and I recall that even James Lileks was flaunting it on the sidebar to his web page. We had invaded Iraq, and we were victorious, and the …

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Mar 19 2013

An object lesson for those who doubted

About 48 hours ago I posted a link to the Twitter feed of the egregious Michael Crook, who had used that fine microblogging service to share loathsome, horrible, explicitly pro-rape opinions regarding Steubenville. Within minutes, this clown – in the very first comment on the thread — objected, saying that my calling attention to Crook was …

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Mar 18 2013

I’m not usually a fan of dog-piling…

But in Michael Crook’s case, I’ll make an exception. A trigger warning applies to that post for Stuebenville, rape culture, rape defenders, rape supporters, and entitled male pseudonintellectual shitwads marching under a stolen “freethinking atheist” banner.

Mar 17 2013

Do you deny that rape culture exists?


Then read these compendia of public responses to the Steubenville rape. Rape culture is an attitude: that we show strength by abusing the weak, and that “weak” and “woman” are synonymous. It’s everywhere. And remember: Steubenville is just an ordinary town like a thousand others.

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