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Oct 14 2013

Matthew Barnett, sleazebag and rapist


Matthew Barnett raped a 14 year old girl — he plied her with alcohol until she could barely stand up, and then had sex with her. He claims it was fully consensual (now where have we heard that before?) But the facts of the case are inarguable. She was 14. She was drunk. He provided …

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Oct 05 2013

Sometimes, people suck

As Ophelia has discovered, there is a facebook page titled Should Miri Mogilevsky be murdered? It claims This page does not advocate any violence, or the breaking of any laws. It is, rather, an exercise in Free Speech. It also asks, Is Miri Mogilevsky, who blogs at Brute Reason at Freethought blogs! a loyal American …

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Sep 20 2013

This is our opposition

Twitter has become the place where every rabid misogynist feels empowered to fling poo at me. The latest is this amazing cure for feminism: Look at that. Misogyny and racism and stupidity, all in one place. And they wonder why I hit the block button half a dozen times a day.

Aug 29 2013

I am so tempted to visit Fargo Grand Forks next week


I’ve been informed that there will be a lecture at UND next Tuesday. I might be able to find time to dart up and come right back home that night…it’s only about a two hour drive. I’ve heard of Boys before. It’s going to be ugly. There he is, not only attacking atheism, but doing …

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Aug 27 2013

I’ve just OD’ed on irony

In yet another article about obsessed harassing fuckwit “elevatorgate”, we get an interesting revelation. In the Google doc briefly viewed by Mother Jones, elevatorgate wrote that he does not use his real name on social media because doing so could make him a target of harassment. Yeah, we might storify him or photoshop his face into …

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Aug 01 2013

On using suicide as a rhetorical strategy

[Edited per Esteleth's suggestion to put this para up top: -- CC] I have been reluctant over the last couple years to write about Hugo Schwyzer, mainly because I’ve realized since the last iteration of the perennial shitstorm that he wears like a second hat that it was all the same to him, positive attention …

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Jun 14 2013

Theodore Beale, racist asshat (and not embarrassed by it)

I recently highlighted NK Jemisin’s speech in Australia, which pointed out the disgusting degree of racism still common in the US. One small part of the speech noted a remarkable recent occurence. …the membership of SFWA also recently voted in a new president. There were two candidates — one of whom was a self-described misogynist, …

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Jun 06 2013

What? No! Really?

I can’t believe…YOU CAN DO WHAT IN TEXAS? Jesus Fuck, but it’s time for a national intervention in that goddamn state. Redirect the drones from Afghanistan to this bloated tumor in our own country now, or if that’s politically untenable, rip out their rotten political core and replace it with something decent. Decent Texans are …

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May 30 2013

What does evil look like?


Big fangs, horns, a hideous face, wielding brutal instruments of torture? Or maybe something sleek and military that can explode in a gout of flame? Sure, those are evil all right, but real evil can be distilled down to something as simple as a lawyer signing a piece of paper, a doctor averting their eyes, …

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May 30 2013

Super colossal jumbo-sized douchebag

It is the douchebag against which all other douchebags must be measured, Roman Polanski. Polanski told the press that he is not pleased with how the sexes act with one another today. “I think that now offering flowers to a lady becomes indecent, that’s how I feel about it. I think to level the genders—it’s …

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