Where are the toxic communities in atheism?


Jadehawk has been suffering to provide evidential support for Secular Woman, in particular their recent statement on their priorities.

However, one issue that has surfaced during this dispute demands our attention due to our understanding of events. Our stated values make it clear that we stand with survivors of sexual assault and those who believe and support them. We choose not to associate with those who align themselves with abusers rather than victims.

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It’s traditional!


Here’s a curious marketing omission for you: the Marvel Avengers merchandise is all lacking the one woman on the superhero team, the Black Widow. It’s a mystery. I’m wondering if maybe Scarlett Johansson has cooties or something.

Or maybe it’s something else. Maybe it’s because it is traditional to erase the feminine. Let’s take a look at some classical statuary.

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Spare me these poseurs

Everyone can stop telling me to read this article now. I’ve read Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice, and it is atrocious, a collection of familiar MRA tropes dressed up with pseudo-liberal platitudes. Oh, I am so supportive of feminists…just not feminists who use the horrible tactic of speaking out. It’s a common strategy of declaring that one fully supports the oppressed, as long as the oppressed don’t cause any trouble.

It’s a sentiment I saw opposed quite nicely this morning.

The same guys who call women cunts and litter their speech with racist slurs will say *noting that they’re white guys* is racist and sexist

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Thou shalt not defile the holy vas deferens


Oh, look, Alabama, that paradise for people who revere the 17th century, wants to keep doctors’ hands off men’s genitalia. It’s a novel twist, but I suspect it’s just more of the same ol’ sanctimonious regulation of the naughty bits our puritanical politicians always push.

Alabama health care professionals could refuse to perform abortions or vasectomies under legislation sponsored by a Jefferson County lawmaker.

The Health Care Rights of Conscience Act, sponsored by Rep. Arnold Mooney, a Republican, allows health care professionals to refuse to perform abortions, sterilization, human cloning and human embryonic stem cell research that violate their conscience on religious or ethical grounds.

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Worse than I thought


Jian Ghomeshi, the CBC broadcaster who was fired after he was accused of sexual assault, leading to a vomitous flood of revelations about his behavior, is the subject of a an investigation and report on his behavior and the actions of CBC. Would you believe the CBC was a hostile work environment for women that condoned Ghomeshi’s activities?

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Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of honeybadgers

The ‘Honeybadgers’, a group of women affiliated with the MRA brigade at A Voice For Men, infiltrated the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, applying for a booth by pretending to be somehow affiliated with nerd culture, instead — they were Fake Geek Girls, for real (although at least one of them authors a webcomic, so not totally fake)! Apparently they set up a booth promoting Gamergate and their version of ‘ethics’ and being anti-censorship before derailing at least one panel on Women in Comics with a lot of “What about the Menz?” and victim blaming.

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