You mean that isn’t what lady history is all about?


There’s a new museum in London, and it promised to “retell the story of the East End through the eyes, voices, experiences and actions” of women and show their contribution to British history. Sounds promising!

Former Google diversity chief Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, who is behind the scheme, promised “the first women’s museum in the UK” in plans given the green light by Tower Hamlets council last year.

But when the covers were removed from the site on Cable Street in Whitechapel last week, residents were shocked to find its subject matter had changed to the brutal unsolved murders of prostitutes between 1888 and 1891.

The Jack The Ripper Museum, which has as its logo a sinister silhouette of a man in Victorian dress above the museum name written in blood red, has outraged residents, who claim it is now about misogyny rather than women’s achievements.

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NY Times columnists are squishy and icky, too


It’s too much to hope that the NY Times will ever get rid of their awful opinion columnists. At least it gives us something to gripe about every week.

The latest bit of irrational conservative nonsense comes from Ross Douthat, who doesn’t like abortion. He is saddened and appalled by those absurd anti-Planned Parenthood videos that have been released. He dismisses the idea that these are trumped-up and phony.

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Even Jesus wouldn’t know where to get a pap smear

Jonathan Merritt, who has these amazing qualifications,

Senior Columnist, Religion News Service @RNS; Contributing Editor, @TheWeek; Author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined (2014)

has announced that Planned Parenthood should be defunded. He was asked by a woman what she should do for her “medically necessary birth control, pap smears, and tests”, which was like an open invitation to mansplain to a lady where she can take her lady parts. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so painful. Would you believe he sent her a list of alternatives to Planned Parenthood that included a bunch of CPCs? Bless his little Christian heart.

I have no illusions that this will end the nonsense, either

Paul Nurse, friend to Tim Hunt and co-recipient of the Nobel prize, had a few things to say.

Sir Tim Hunt deserved to lose his job over his infamous “trouble with girls” speech, the President of the Royal Society has said.

Sir Paul Nurse, a joint-Nobel Prize winner and friend of Sir Tim, told the Telegraph the embattled professor’s “chauvinist” comments had “damaged science”.

Of course, he didn’t really lose a job — he lost an honorary position, as I’ve been saying repeatedly. I have learned that he lost the accompanying photocopying privileges at UCL, which is the biggest cost to him I’ve heard yet.

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Welp, I guess we’ll never be done with Tim Hunt

I thought it was clear. The case is closed. UCL released their official statement.

But strangely, I’m being bombarded with claims that the statement was ambiguous, that it didn’t say what it seems to say, that I’ve misquoted it. Really? What’s ambiguous about:

Council unanimously supports the decision taken by UCL’s executive to accept the resignation.


Council acknowledges that all parties agree that reinstatement would be inappropriate.

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Are we done with Tim Hunt now?

Probably not, if you’re one of those people whose response to the Tim Hunt situation is to see conspiracies and witch hunts and a desire to destroy a scientist’s career. But the truth is that critics of Hunt have not been baying for anyone’s blood, but have been saying that sexist jokes at a women’s science meeting speak to a kind of arrogance that is not appropriate for an ambassador for equality. University College London has released a plain-spoken statement, confirming that the council unanimously found his comments entirely inappropriate for an honorary professor, and they have affirmed that his position is retracted.

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Save the retconning for comic books

The push-back against equality is now trying to rewrite history and retroactively rehabilitate Bora Zivkovic. In a terrible article that ignores all the facts and instead throws around sexist terms (“witch hunt”, “bitches”, “pussies”, “harpies”) utterly oblivious to the fact that they undermine her own argument, we get this ignorant bullshit.

As I noted above, what Bora did in no way met any legal or reasonable standard for sexual harassment — a crew of harpies who accused him just said it did; and all these supposed “skeptics” who make up the science-writing community just piled on.

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