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Oct 23 2013

Take me to church

Here’s via what the song is about. Hozier said the song was essentially about humanity and how it was undermined by religious organisations and those who claimed to act in its best interest. Now you’ll have to listen to it.

Oct 15 2013

Author Speaks

It’s an Interview with Jesus and Mo from the Council of Ex-Muslims. He seems like a very nice fellow.

Oct 11 2013

Validating religious symbolism…with a poll


This is a cross in Middleboro, Massachusetts. It’s on public land in the town. Would you believe that the people of the town stupidly looked at that and decided there was no conflict at all between a great big Christian symbol that says OBEY WORSHIP and secular government? None at all. Let’s just pretend that …

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Oct 03 2013

How can we be better than the fundamentalists?

Fellow atheists! We have truth on our side, and science as a powerful tool. The other side is full of lunatic ideas and stupidity; they cripple our country with their corruption of education and denialism. We are unstoppable. We shall be eventually be victorious. So, wait, if their ideas are so plainly bogus and repressive, …

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Oct 01 2013

Ex-Muslims of North America

While I was in Washington DC a while back, I got to talk with Sarah Haider for a bit. She’s one of the leaders of the Ex-Muslims of North America, and they are trying to build up a greater profile — slowly and cautiously, though, because as she explained to me, there are a lot …

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Oct 01 2013

“it is time for the genitals of all children to be protected from people with knives and strong religious or cultural beliefs”

Taslima has the news: experts in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland are proposing a complete ban on circumcisions of all types. Unfortunately, it’s a little premature to say it will happen: what we have right now is a group of ombudsmen for children, paediatricians, and paediatric surgeons passing a resolution at a meeting. There …

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Aug 12 2013

A warning

Here’s another challenge for the growing atheist movement: can we avoid the trap of charismatic leadership and the cult of personality? As church attendance declines (a good thing), as pastors wake up and realize their faith was a lie (a very good thing), and as we try to embrace even church leaders who want to …

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Aug 08 2013

The best kind of America there is

This is what we should be fighting for in the next election. I’m going to be staffing the DFL booth at the Stevens County Fair tonight. I think one of our problems as a country is that I fear even our more liberal political party would be uncomfortable with spreading that particular message…but hey, maybe …

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Jul 21 2013

Lazy writer is lazy

Salon’s Katie Engelhart has a perplexing question: Where are the Women of new Atheism? Where were the women? Why, they were right there: stolidly leading people away from the fold. They were irreverent bloggers and institution founders. And scholars. Around the time that the Dawkins-Hitchens-Harris tripartite published its big wave of Atheist critique, historian Jennifer Michael Hecht published “Doubt” and journalist Susan …

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Jul 09 2013

FtBCon news

For you Facebookers, we now have a FtBCon page and an event page — go like them! Many of you have been asking about the final schedule. A whole bunch of us were off at Skepchickcon this past weekend and we’re still in the throes of recovery, but this is the week we need to …

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