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Jul 29 2014

AtheistTV gets a thumbs up

I was home for a late lunch, so I flipped on the Roku and installed the AtheistTV channel. It was easy, but then you Roku owners know that part already. The channel is well organized into various categories, but right now content is a little thin — the comedy category, for instance, contains one video, …

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Jul 26 2014

Who else plays Minecraft?


I like to putter around on Minecraft now and then, and I’ve been using a free (well, they do ask for small donations once a year) public server called Sitosis. Did you see me write free right there? That’s what makes it shocking that it is woefully underpopulated right now, so they’re open to new …

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Jul 20 2014

Jim’s dead

I’m sorry to see that James Garner has died. Just last week, when I was laid up, I watched a few episodes of the Rockford Files on Netflix — sometimes one just has to reminisce about the 70s, whether we liked them or not. One thing: Garner was a terrible actor. He always played the …

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Jul 09 2014

Now you won’t have to go see the next Star Wars movie

All the good stuff is right here in this clip. The release version will just have added wooden dialog, hackneyed characters, and some cheesy plot you won’t care about. Oh, and since it’s J.J. Abrams, there’ll be lots of lens flare slathered on. Hey! I just saved you ten bucks! You should go to the …

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Jul 02 2014

Nothing ever changes

It’s disgraceful how people are getting distracted by games and wasting their time and the time of others. We must end all frivolity. Beginning with crossword puzzles in the 1920s. Everywhere, at any hour of the day, people can be seen quite shamelessly poring over the checker-board diagrams, cudgelling their brains for a four-letter word …

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Jun 25 2014

David Bowie: class act

There were wild rumors that David Bowie was trying to suppress Chris Hadfield’s performance of “Space Oddity” from the space station. The rumors were false, Bowie had encouraged that the song be given a free license. This is good news. I shall play some of Bowies’s albums (all paid for!) in my office this morning, …

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Jun 24 2014

The bad science of World War Z

World War Z was on the Netflix last night, so I made the mistake of watching it. It was terrible. Spoilers abound, so stop here if you care.

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May 23 2014

Cause to celebrate!

I surprise myself. I actually have two positive things to say about the movie, God’s Not Dead. First, the projection was excellent. The last time I wrote about the workings of the theater, I described the amazing elaborate old-timey gadgetry to show a movie print. That’s all gone now, replaced by a modern digital movie …

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May 22 2014

My exciting plans for tomorrow evening!

The Morris Theater is showing God’s Not Dead tomorrow at 7, and I have to go for multiple reasons. I want to find out how philosophy teaching works. From the trailer, it sounds like philosophers simply tell all their students what the answer is, and order them to write down the words verbatim in their …

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May 21 2014

Harken back to the satanic panics of yesteryear

Ah, the 1980s. When every preschool was a hotbed of satan worshipping child abusers, police departments had ‘experts’ on ritual murder, daytime talk TV would run very special episodes on cultic cannibal orgies, and Jack Chick published Dark Dungeons. You’ve read it, right? The story about Dungeons & Dragons giving you actual magical powers that …

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