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Oct 21 2013

My weird weekend in St Paul

Hey, it’s Fall Break for me, which means no classes or labs, but instead, I have to buckle down and get all caught up in my grading, so that’s what I’ll be doing the next few days. I thought I’d give a quick summary of my talk at the Paradigm Symposium, though. It was an …

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Oct 19 2013

‘ware the cookies!


What have I gotten myself into? I just sat through a bizarre, rambling, self-congratulory lecture by Scott Wolter (some guy with a fringey History Channel show) that started with the Kensington Runestone — it’s a genuine Viking artifact, don’t you know, staking a land claim for some Catholic order of monks — then wandered over …

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Oct 19 2013



I spent my first evening at the Paradigm Symposium last night. I’ve missed virtually all of the talks so far — I got to watch a panel about new media, podcasting and that sort of thing, and there wasn’t too much novelty to it, but it was fine…except for the bits where they mentioned how …

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Oct 09 2013

Skepticon: It’s a mystery

Perhaps you are familiar with this scene from Shakespeare in Love? Philip Henslowe: Mr. Fennyman, allow me to explain about the theatre business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster. Hugh Fennyman: So what do we do? Philip Henslowe: Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well. Hugh …

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Sep 11 2013

Oxford in August — be there

I’m hoping to be able to make it to the World Humanist Congress next summer — I’m at the stage where I’ve convinced myself I must go, but am still moaning at the expense. Maybe if you guys all buy lots of copies of The Happy Atheist I’ll be more comfortable with swinging it; or …

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Sep 05 2013

Time to make a promise

Oh no, not another of those stories. OK, here’s my deal: a promise. I’m not an important speaker, and I’m not the kind of make-or-break participant that any conference might want, and I’ve got a lot of haters out there who want nothing to do with me anyway, but this is how I will approach …

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Sep 03 2013

GeekGirlCon looks fun

And Scicurious is raising money to bring DIY science to the con! Those look like fun activities, and maybe we should steal some of them for Convergence/Skepchickcon. (I’d love to attend GeekGirlCon myself — it’s in Seattle, my favorite city! — but dang, I’ve got to limit myself and there are only so many weekends …

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Aug 30 2013

Atheists should have good rules for behavior

It has come to my attention that certain people — certain thuggish, stupid people — are objecting to the Code of Conduct for the American Atheists 2014 convention. In addition to complaining that it shouldn’t bother to address the needs of trans people (WTF?), they object to this section. American Atheists does not tolerate harassment …

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Aug 29 2013

Midwest Society for Developmental Biology Meeting

I am tempted and will have to check my calendar: the Midwest Society for Developmental Biology Meeting is being held just down the road from me in St Louis on 26 September (OK, “just” down the road means a full day’s drive). I’d particularly like to see the work in segmentation clock dynamics. But…but…classes! It …

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Aug 28 2013

Skepticon wants more money

They need more donations. And they remind me that some of the people participating are providing incentives to coax cash out of your pocket. Dogma Debate is trying to get Aron Ra to dress as a Jedi! Shelly is going to write an amazing song that we choose! Deep Fried Freethinkers is making dinosaur shaped …

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