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Jan 31 2014

OMG, FtBCon2 is happening right now

I’ve been in full meltdown mode at work for the last few weeks, but hey, it’s started: FtBCon 2 is now in progress. Go there now. Now.

Jan 15 2014

OK, already, I’ll go to Oxford!

It was an easy sell. The World Humanist Congress, 8-10 August, Oxford.

Jan 14 2014

A conference gets cancelled

This is unfortunate: a SF con scheduled for Chicago this March had to cancel after a disagreement with the hotel. We regret to inform you that Chi-Fi 2014 will not be taking place at the Westin Chicago River North as planned. After several meetings with the staff of the Westin, we had concerns about the …

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Jan 14 2014

Essential reading for conference organizers

Alex Gabriel has written an article about 10 Ways to Make Sure the Atheist Movement Is Not Just for the Wealthy. I mostly agree with it, but I’d add another point, and his #8 is, well, problematic. 8. Pay your speakers—well. Speakers’ fees are commonplace in U.S. atheism. Britain lags far behind. It shows. Our …

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Nov 23 2013

Women in Secularism 3!

It’s happening again: another Women in Secularism 3 on 16-18 May. The speaker lineup has been announced, and registration is open. Now I just have to figure out if I can swing it, somehow.

Nov 17 2013

Final Report from #Skepticon, Day 3


#sk6 is kinda exactly like this. Also this. And this. That is all.

Nov 16 2013

Wake up and smell the #Skepticon

The second day of #sk6 is going to be funky: the University Plaza Hotel has no hot water, anywhere. It’s going to be interesting, but we shall overlook the reek to enjoy today’s schedule. I’m looking forward to everything. Oh, yeah, my talk yesterday was immensely disappointing. I was all anticipatory and enthused about the …

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Nov 15 2013

I have arrived at #Skepticon


I give my talk in a little over an hour…but to no purpose. This guy has been ranting on the #sk6 twitter stream all day about a boycott and a walkout and an uprising and a rebellion during my session, so I expect my discussion of the Cambrian explosion will be delivered to an empty …

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Nov 13 2013

Support Humanists on the Palouse

They’re doing some fundraising for their Darwin on the Palouse event in February. I spoke there a while back — it’s a great event in an area that needs this perspective. Just cross the Idaho border, and what do you find? Doug Wilson and the New Saint Andrews College, where you can get steeped in …

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Nov 11 2013

But my chariot team is the Greens!

For those of you going to Skepticon: apparently they’re going to divide us into two teams, the reds and the blues, to compete at who are the better secularists. They should not do this, because now I’m plotting how to subvert the whole thing. It is my people’s traditional folkway.

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