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Aug 07 2012

Oh, gosh — I have cheesed off Sam Harris!

He is clearly quite peeved. It looks like the final straw was that I, as he claims, “gleefully endorsed” a post on The 5 Most Awful Atheists. Actually, what I did was challenge the author to write something positive about atheists, and agreed that the criticisms were valid, but not gleefully, and I also said …

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Jul 20 2012

I don’t know why that kid is holding up my name


It was all you people who donated. Kasese Humanist Primary School is getting their chicken coop!

Jul 19 2012

Chickens or summer camp?

I’m supposed to be raising money for Camp Quest — I’m competing against a team of tiny, gnome-like little people — and they’re actually edging ahead of me. But now a distraction has come up. Kasese Humanist Primary School is trying to raise money for a chicken coop, so they can get eggs to feed …

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Jul 13 2012

Great Camp Quest battle?

Apparently, a team of teeny-tiny, insignificant people decided to band together and have a fundraising competition with me. Without telling me. Or maybe they did, and my email is just so screwed up right now that I never saw it. Anyway, they’re all feebly whiffing about my ankles right now, squeaking their defiance in their …

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Jul 10 2012

My skin is at stake!


The Stiefel Foundation is backing a huge charitable donation: they want to give $1,000,000 to cancer research. They need godless atheists to join in, though, to show the world that we care and we can get things done, so Todd Stiefel has started a recruiting drive on Reddit to bring in donors and participants in …

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Jul 04 2012

If it wasn’t for bad luck, wouldn’t have no luck at all

Yeesh, Chris Clarke had his jeep stolen again. It must have been some sweet machine, although it’s been totaled now. Hank Fox is organizing a donation drive for the charitable and prosperous among us.

Jun 16 2012


I guess I don’t understand the mechanics of this, but it looks like Jen and Hank and Natalie are simultaneously blogathoning for SSA? So all the activity at FtB today will be elsewhere than here, so I should just take a nice nap? Of course, if someone would just donate $13,206 to the SSA we’d …

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Jun 15 2012

Novel fundraising efforts

Camels with Hammers is raising money for the SSA Blogathon by doing interviews, and has done one with me. Greg Laden has written a novel, proceeds to go to SSA. Greta Christina is posting kitten photos <shudder> for the cause. I guess it’s working, since they’re up to $76,000 now.

Jun 11 2012

Another fundraiser!

So @rhysmorgan and @whatkatie_did are also having a fundraiser (it seems like everyone is!), this time to benefit a rape crisis organization for England and Wales. It’s called the Fuck the Patriarchy Readathon, and they’re promising to read 20 books and blog about them this month. The books are all over the place, from Twilight …

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Jun 10 2012

Those crazy people are actually doing it

To raise money for the SSA, some of our bloggers are doing marathon blogging sessions. Biodorkwas at it all night long (she’s probably unconscious right now), and now Ophelia has started up. By the way, Brianne will be at Convergence in July. Like you, too?

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