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Jun 01 2013

Help the Cambodian children

I think promoting critical thinking and secular ethics in Cambodia (and the world!) is a good idea, and here’s a charity planning to do just that. The Cambodian Children’s Trust (a secular organization) is raising money to teach children ethics and philosophy. They’ve got backing from Atheist Alliance International, which is going to pay half …

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May 28 2013

This is what people do

Some of the poorest people in the world live on our trash — and what do they do? They make music.

May 21 2013

An opportunity to help

As mentioned in this post, I was waiting for Foundation Beyond Belief to put up a crisis response page. If you were thinking of making an aid donation, go here to help victims of the Oklahoma tornado. I’ve seen some reluctance to donate because Oklahoma’s senators, Coburn and Inhofe, are fucking selfish scumbags. Don’t let …

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May 20 2013

Disaster in Oklahoma


Moore, Oklahoma has been completely flattened by a tornado. Homes and businesses have been destroyed, but also a couple of schools and a hospital. And here’s a time-lapse video of this monster ripping through the countryside. Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee What can we do? I mentioned it to Foundation Beyond Belief — go …

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Apr 27 2013

Help Camp Quest Texas

One of my cult’s disciples has beseeched me to help raise money for Camp Quest Texas. As a mostly beneficent overlord, I deign to answer his prayer. Camp Quest is always a great cause, and Texas desperately needs it.

Apr 24 2013

Stephen needs help

In America, if you’re a wage lackey who experiences a major health problem, you’re just out of luck — the working poor get thoroughly screwed by the system. Stephen Andrew of The Zingularity is working two jobs, coming off a major heart attack, and is about to be evicted from his home. I guess his …

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Mar 12 2013

Congratulations to FBB and Greta Christina!

The Foundation Beyond Belief raised $430,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and cancer research. Last year the Foundation named Christopher Hitchens as their honored hero to represent the struggle against cancer. This year, it’s FtB’s very own Greta Christina. Give her a thumbs up…and most importantly, they’re trying to raise more money this year, …

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Mar 12 2013

She’s too young to be sick!

Ania, who writes at Scribbles and Rants, has been coping with chronic illness for way too long, so she’s decided to do something constructive about it: she’s raising money to write a book, Young, Sick and Invisible: A Skeptic's Journey With Chronic Illness. If you identify with her situation, help her out.

Mar 05 2013

A charitable ethos

I very much enjoyed this TED talk by Amanda Palmer — she puts into practice a spirit of community that we would do well to foster, and which is actually at odds with many people’s attitudes. She’s talking about the music industry specifically but a way of life in general. Rather than trying to think …

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Feb 12 2013

Today an egg, tomorrow the world!

Man, you give them a millimeter, they take a centimeter. We had a successful fundraiser for the Kasese Humanist School — they just wanted a chicken coop and a flock of chickens so the kids would start the day with good nutrition. And they got that. Here are these kids, grateful for an egg. But …

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