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Sep 09 2013

Five bees!

Yay, feminists like The Happy Atheist! And I get insects, which is even better!

Sep 05 2013

I get email

Testimonials! I just finished reading your book; honestly, I had a hard time putting it down (I got very little accomplished in the past couple of days) and I found myself calling friends who are Atheists like me and reciting whole paragraphs for them and telling them they MUST read this book. My favorite chapter, …

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Sep 05 2013

A weekend in DC

I’m flitting off to Washington DC on Saturday to spend some time being a Happy Atheist on Sunday. Come on by, I’ll talk a bit, I’ll read a bit, I’ll answer questions for a bit.

Sep 01 2013

On the upside, maybe I could start beating students with a stick

It’s the end of summer, and it’s a slow news time, so the newspapers are dredging the bottom of the fecal lake for material, but this is ridiculous. How about Syria? Come on, that’s important stuff. Instead, though, we get op-eds like this one in the Globe and Mail from Zander Sherman, proposing a solution …

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Aug 29 2013

What do you get when a creationist visits the Galapagos?

I think it’s an anti-Darwin: instead of observations, you get pretty pictures; instead of insights, you get a cloud of murk and lies. Georgia Purdom of Answers in Genesis visited the Galapagos, and now she’s coming out with a book of religious apologetics. After my return, I started thinking about writing a book on the …

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Aug 21 2013

Rebecca Watson poisons everything again

That’s the message from this ex-fan of Ender's Game. Her analysis was spot on and wrecked his ability to enjoy Orson Scott Card’s books — which is a good thing. We should learn to read critically. I can sympathize, though. When I first read Ender’s Game, I’m ashamed to admit that I got sucked in, …

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Aug 19 2013

You decide

An excerpt from The Happy Atheist has been published on Beliefnet. Now you can make up your mind easily: if you hate it, don’t buy it (although from what I’ve seen, the people who hate it don’t need to read it to make up their minds). If you love it and can afford it, sink …

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Aug 14 2013

All SF should be oceanic


Because that’s what we are and where we come from — and every cell contains a little ocean…a hot little ocean rich with complex contaminants and lovely energetic cascades. So I’ll share two wonderfully appropriate examples today. Tonight at 8pm ET Jennifer Ouellette talks with JPL planetary scientist Kevin Hand about the new film Europa …

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Aug 13 2013

I survived my first book reading


I think it went well–I didn’t flub too much,and the crowd of 30 or 40 asked lots of good questions…but then, atheists always are full of questions. The staff at Barnes & Noble were also wonderfully gracious and helpful. The only weird thing is that afterwards several people mentioned the dissonance of the shelf of …

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Aug 13 2013

Be gentle, it’s my first time

I’m cruising into Edina tonight to give my first ever reading and signing as an author — at 7:00 PM I’ll be at the Barnes & Noble in the GalleriaShopping Center, 3225 W 69th, Edina. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve pulled out a couple of short pieces from the book, I’ve got …

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