A new reason to hate religion


It’s a tool of the alien interlopers, the Anunnuki, who control the entire planet!

The race of beings that dominate and control the planet today as the Illuminati are speculated by many sources to be a race of ET’s called the Anunnaki. The story is that Anunnaki came to Earth to create a human being that they could enslave and mine gold for them. The gold was needed to repair their plant’s atmosphere (presumed to be Niburu).

Michael estimates that there were more than 10 million stone circle ruins in South Africa that were used to presumably connect and form sound energy grids that would allow the Anunnaki spaceships to come and get shipments of gold. This was in the time of Enki, or of the time of the legend of Adam and Eve.

With the discovery that most all ancient sites with monolithic structures are located along the grid lines of earth, the bigger picture comes into play. The Anunnaki scientists built these first energy conductors like the circular stone ruins in South Africa and then began to build more powerful monuments along Earth’s ley lines. Stonehenge and the pyramids at Giza are basic examples, but they continued to get more powerful and complex with each generation. Aerial views of these silica based grids all over the planet show the similarity to today’s computer board circuits.

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Not quite there yet

I was sent this list of 10 “biblical” beliefs that poison Christians, hosted on a site that opposes ‘spiritual abuse’. It’s a weirdly twisty look into the views of a fairly liberal but clearly fervent Christian — I actually agree with them that a lot of these beliefs are actively harmful, but the reasoning they use to reach that same conclusion is odd, to me. That makes it interesting to read, because it provides a peculiar perspective on concerns that are familiar to atheists.

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There’s an Australian Huffington Post?

I’m so sorry, antipodes. It seems the HuffPo Empire of Gullible Idiocy has expanded into the Southern Hemisphere. Fortunately, some people are already fighting back. It’s a good start.

I notice, too, that the Australian edition has yet to include their notorious “sideboob” category, or anything by Deepak Chopra. I guess they’re going to gradually ratchet up the sleaze and stupidity. Brace yourself, Australia, Ariana Huffington has no reservations at all about racing to the bottom of the sludge pit.

My arrival in Seattle


First thing when I landed at SeaTac: it started raining, as I’d hoped.

Second thing at the airport: we were taking a shuttle bus, and this guy started talking at his friend. I learned many things.

  • It’s obvious that cell phones cause cancer. They radiate energy. Energy causes cancer. QED.

  • The only reason we don’t have proof is that all us old guys use them sparingly. Just wait: a few more years, and all those kids going around with phones glued to their head will be getting brain cancer! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • The best part: he got sort of quantitative. At low energies, they don’t cause cancer, but as the power goes up, the cancer-causing effects go up exponentially. Therefore, don’t use your cell phone when you got 4 or 5 bars! That’s when they’re most dangerous!

I’m imagining this guy wandering through life, using his cell phone to avoid places with “high energy radiofrequencies”, and refusing to take calls unless he’s got a perfect medium strength signal.

There is woo in Seattle, I can testify.

I just can’t stop groaning


One of the nice things about being blacklisted by a large segment of the atheist community is that I don’t have to be shy about criticizing…oh, hey, wait a minute, I’ve always been a pain in the ass. OK, I can be even more obnoxious now.

The latest troubling event in the world of atheist leadership is that Edwina Rogers has amended her lawsuit against the Secular Coalition of America. She’s now suing Richard Dawkins directly.

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The ol’ racist evolution switcheroo


Ben Seewald, whose only claim to fame is that he’s married to Jessa Duggar, tries to stake out his own domain of stupid in a conversation with Dante Berry, another evangelist. He does not do well. But in the topsy-turvy world of American fanatical Christianity, that might mean he succeeded.

“If you check it out, what they’re trying to do with America, is basically have us going against each other while the Devil can sneak in real clearly and destroy what he’s trying to destroy,” Dante explains to Ben, adding that “if we’re fighting against each other, the Devil can sneak in and do what he want to do.”

“That’s right,” Ben agrees, “there’s no room for racism in Christianity. That all comes from the Devil. That all comes from, like, this false religion out here, evolution, that stuff? Teaching that, like, some people are ‘more evolved?,’ and different stuff.”

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Now that he’s out, what’s Kent Hovind up to?

He’s making YouTube videos! Lots and lots of YouTube videos, several per day, it appears. If you’re concerned about the volume — how will we ever keep up? — don’t be. It’s all exactly the same old tired Young Earth apologetics and Bible babble that he’s always done.

His latest topic is WOE: What On Earth is about to happen? He expects Jesus to return in 10-15 years. Right.

The Reverend Dan Erickson explains why I shouldn’t be an atheist


The Rev. Dan Erickson, Senior Pastor at Chisholm Baptist Church, has managed to publish an op-ed in the Hibbing, Minnesota Daily Tribune titled “It’s not easy to be an atheist.” Apparently, the Daily Tribune is so desperate for content that they’ll publish tired religious cliches, and Rev. Erickson has never actually talked to an atheist.

In his book, “When God Goes to Starbucks,” Paul Coppan notes that there is plenty of evidence we, as human beings, have a disposition to believe in some type of deity or spiritual reality. Thus, he says, if someone wants to overcome this predisposition to believe in God and be an atheist, it may be necessary to make some intentional choices in order to avoid being a “default theist.”

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