Magnus, Robot Fighter!


Does anyone else remember that comic book? It was about the far future, 4000 AD, at a time when humanoid robots are ubiquitous, and they go bad, very bad. Magnus was a human with amazing martial arts abilities, who’d run around in every issue destroying the robots with his bare hands. That was pretty much the theme of the entire comic book: page after page of Magnus demolishing robots. He’d often rip their heads off, and then you’d get a panel with the standard sound effect of a robot getting decapitated: “SQUEEEEE!”

If you’ve ever wondered where that word came from, I think that’s it.

It would be a great comic book to turn into a movie, except that it’s already been done. It’s called The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Reaching for a reasonable justification for censorship


The Edmonton Arts Council has failed. They got some art by Ryan McCourt thrown out of an exhibition for the silly reason that they were “offended” by it — these were statues of the Indian god, Ganesha, in modern poses. That was feeble enough, but now McCourt was hoping to donate a sculpture to the city, and the Arts Council has found an amazing new reason to reject it.

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