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Jul 17 2012

Navy, you’ve got a nasty little worm in the works

I rarely do this, but we’ve got a troll who deserves an outing. wordplague has been plaguing this thread — 62 comments in 10 hours! — claiming to be a graduate student somewhere. He’s being over-the-top misogynistic, making rape jokes, bragging about making rape threats, making death and mutilation threats, and man, he really, really …

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Jul 13 2012

What happened to the “Why I am an atheist” series?

Nothing! It’s still going on, I’m still getting submissions (and you can send them to me still), and I’ve still got a backlog of hundreds. It vanished for a while this week because I got a shiny new computer, and my backup restored everything but my old email messages…which is just as well, because my …

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Jul 11 2012

Another Pharyngula podcast this weekend?

You tell me, and give me a few ideas for subjects you’d like to hear discussed. And most importantly, volunteer to join in! It works much better if I prearrange a group of participants. Here is what we’re going to do. The podcast begins at 11:00am Central time on Saturday (a little later, to be …

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Jul 05 2012

Anything Molly-worthy in the month of June?

Because we already have a Molly winner for the month of May: Rey Fox Grog all around, while everyone submits their nominations for the star of the June commentariat.

Jul 04 2012

We told him to do that

Ian Cromwell has some fun with the mythology outsiders have about Freethoughtblogs — did you know it’s a radical feminist hive mind here? I have to say, whenever I see someone talk about “radical feminist” unironically, I have the same frisson of rising ridicule I get when I see them babble about “militant atheist”. By …

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Jul 01 2012

Preemptive disclosure

I just had to send a complaint to one of my fellow bloggers here at FtB. And since he likes to post his email publicly, I just thought I’d do it myself and get it out of the way. Justin: I looked over the shenanigans on your latest post, “the pits”. I am disgusted and …

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Jun 29 2012

Pharyngula podcast tomorrow

Remember! Tomorrow (Saturday) at 10am Central I’ll be opening up Google+ and setting up a public chat about those silly creationists. The resulting youtube video will be posted here, if you want to sleep in, or you can watch it streaming live, and even join in. If you want to talk, come prepared with your …

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Jun 25 2012

The next Pharyngula podcast…

I’m going to try it again. I’m scheduling it for 10am Central time on Saturday, 30 June, in the usual place, Google+. I think that works for a large part of the world; west coasters will have to be up early at 8am, it’s late afternoon/early evening in Europe, and evening for Australia (you can …

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Jun 22 2012

And now … Cristina Rad

I told you all we’re getting some phenomenal video bloggers here…and now we add to the list Cristina Rad, a person many of you know from her work on youtube as ZOMGitsCriss!

Jun 21 2012

The first ever Pharyngula podcast!

This is the inaugural Pharyngula podcast, in which I bring on a few of the commenters on my site to tell me what to think. This time around, I have Audley Darkheart, Brownian, Elly Pemberton, Helen Sotiriadis, and Jonny Scaramanga to carry on the conversation. Topics to be discussed: 1. The creationist assault on education …

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