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Sep 05 2012

Phase II of the new Molly awards

Man, you’re a ferocious and mouthy bunch. You gave me links to a lot of excellent comments, and I pared them down to these eight (next time, I might cut them down more). The next step: vote by leaving a comment with the number of the nomination you like best. These are just short excerpts, …

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Sep 01 2012

The New Molly

You may recall that when I imposed the new rules on the site I also announced that there would also be changes to how the Molly awards were given: instead of giving them to commenters, we’d award them to specific comments. I suggested at that time that you might all start making note of exceptional …

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Aug 22 2012

Oh, yeah, we got rules for FtB

In the wake of recent events, we realized that we’re big enough now that Freethoughtblogs needed some more formal rules, so we scribbled some up. I’ve put the tl;dr version below the fold, but here’s the shorter version. We’re an atheism+social justice+science network…we were Atheism+ before there was an Atheism+. Get used to it. Big …

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Aug 19 2012

The next Pharyngula podcast will be on Sunday, 26 August

Just so you know, I’m planning another podcast for next Sunday. Time is a little bit in flux, but we’ll work it out in the next day or two. The topic: “Is there value in the sceptical/skeptical movement?”. I think we’ll probably also talk about the direction the atheist movement must take in the future. …

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Aug 10 2012

Thunderf00t/Phil Mason, treacherous hack

Fuck Thunderf00t/Phil Mason. The accounts that Zinnia and Natalie and Ashley have revealed are true: for the past month, Thunderf00t took advantage of a security exploit to hack into our private mail server; when the hole was closed, he tried multiple time to use the same exploit to get back in. He knowingly and willfully …

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Aug 06 2012

[Mollies] Restored and retired

The Mollies page is back, and I can now announce that the new winner for the month of June is… Maureen Brian And with that, I also announce that the Molly awards are now retired. There will be no new nominations accepted. Everyone who got them can now call themselves Original Mollies. There will be …

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Aug 06 2012

The New Rules

I’ve been getting a little exasperated lately — Pharyngula is a relatively lawless place, which is good for getting combative, aggressive discussions going, but not so good when discussions spin off into frustratingly ingrown fussing and howling and pointless boundary-pushing. This is my party, I’ll have you know, and there have been way too many …

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Jul 27 2012

Hanging out Friday night (tonight!)

We’re doing another podcast tonight at 8pm Central, and you’re welcome to join. Send me your google+ ID if you want to get an invite (by the way, if you were on my podcast list before, you’re going to get an invitation anyway; ignore it if you want). I usually do two topics, half an …

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Jul 25 2012

Hey gang! Let’s put on another podcast!

I’m thinking Friday night, about 8pm Central time, UTC-5 hours (here’s a time calculator). Subject: let’s figure that out, leave comments here. Who: anyone who wants to join. Send me your google+ name so I can add you to the invite list. I think it might be fun to talk about the recent spanking Carl …

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Jul 21 2012

We’ve been around for a year?

Digital Cuttlefish had to remind me that FtB has been running for about a year. And in that brief span we have drawn out so much venom and hatred…I’m rather proud. Success!

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