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Jun 06 2013

I support your right to post anonymously


There are very good reasons to use a pseudonym on a blog. Perhaps you have opinions that are contrary to the majority in your region, and you face serious consequences if your identity gets out; Lord knows, many atheists have that particular problem. Or perhaps you just want to use the internet to have a …

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Apr 03 2013

Sale on Pharyngula merch!

Rebecca has cut prices on several of the items in the Pharyngula store, and is talking about cycling in some new stuff in the near future. I think that might mean that some of the current stock might become…collector’s items. You must have them. You must have them NOOOOOOOOWWWWW.

Feb 12 2013

They do like to meddle, don’t they?

Some people are very, very upset at my commenting policy. I’ll address a few of their protests.

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Feb 10 2013

I am asked a question about commenting

I know you’re all tired of him, but NoelPlum99 is a sincere troll, so I’ll actually answer him, despite the fact that his sincerity is really just a side effect of self-absorption. So he asks in a video, where all the dissenters are (why in a video, I don’t understand; isn’t this a case where …

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Dec 08 2012

Hey, it looks different around here

We had a sniny new theme applied to all of freethoughtblogs last night…what do you think? I already leapt in and overrode some of the default font choices, and a few other things (the change killed Mr Gumby! And Comic Sans! Don’t worry, I resurrected them.) If you have suggestions, I can make some tweaks …

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Oct 07 2012

Why didn’t you remind me it’s Molly time?

You probably did, but I’ve been so swamped with outrageous amounts of work I didn’t notice. But I had a little quiet time yesterday, and I remembered! So here we are! The way this works is that in the comment thread to this post you will put links and quotes and effusive praise for great …

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Sep 10 2012

An email FYI

So you want to get in touch with me? That’s been getting harder and harder as my email gets busier and busier, and also because my email software finally up and died in protest at the load last month, so I had to make some major changes. My email is now split. If you’re trying …

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Sep 08 2012

The August Molly announcement

I made a dreadful mistake. With the new iteration of the Molly awards, I thought I’d have you people pick one marvelous, excellent comment to highlight each month…and then it turns out you’re all pumping out so many good comments that it’s really impossible to pick just one. It didn’t help that I took the …

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Sep 06 2012

A little bit about the new guy

Geococcyx californianus

It’s an honor and a treat to have had PZ ask me to join him here at Pharyngula. Though there have been months lately where I haven’t been a particularly exuberant participant in the lively and collegial discussions here, my relationship with Pharyngula goes back a ways — back to ought-four, in fact, back when …

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Sep 06 2012

Pharyngula is about to add a co-blogger

Are you ready for this? Chris Clarke now has authorship privileges on Pharyngula. Those of you who know his work will be awestruck. Chris is a phenomenal writer, a true progressive, and a committed environmentalist. I’d been thinking about bringing in an additional contributor, because let me tell you, this semester is going to kick …

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