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Apr 11 2014

Troll policy discussion

We’ve been getting persistently trolled by one person over the past month. Remember krooscontrol? How about Tomas C? chaoticinflation? All the same person. He has a couple of tells that make him easy to detect once I picked up on them. That latest incarnation, chaoticinflation, is now banned, but if his past record is any …

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Nov 13 2013

To Kevin W

I’ve had it, whoever you are. For years, you’ve been forwarding your “jokes” to me — your crass, tasteless, racist, crude “jokes” — and you’ve ignored my early requests to stop sending them to me, and over the last few years I’ve just been hitting delete when I see your name. But I can’t simply …

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Nov 08 2013

Taking a brief break

Sick, exasperated, tired, overloaded. May I recommend any of the other fine establishments on Freethought Blogs who will appreciate your custom?

Oct 18 2013


I have been informed by The Digital Cuttlefish that cumulative traffic to this site at freethoughtblogs has reached 50 million visits. I’m not sure what the total capacity is, so don’t be surprised if I have to suddenly stop because the blog is full up. That’s how it works, right?

Sep 02 2013

An assignment: write the rules

I’m going to have to rewrite our standard rules page thanks to changes in circumstance (there is no dungeon anymore) and to accommodate new suggestions. It would also be nice to fold in Chris Clarke’s ideas. So I’m asking you regular readers to do the job for me! Here’s the goal: a short document with …

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Sep 01 2013

New commenting rules

What are they? The ongoing meltdown in Thunderdome and the departure of Chris tell me we’ve got something that needs to be fixed. I don’t quite know how to fix everything, so let’s crowdsource it — you people leave comments here telling me what rules you think might work to get the knifey-bitey-smashy atmosphere to …

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Aug 30 2013

Comments screwed up

Hang tight, everyone, you aren’t banned (well, some of you are. Go away). We’re having some strange technical problems right now, where everyone’s comments are being automatically tossed into moderation. The masters of the machines are working on it now. Meanwhile, I’m manually approving comments as fast as I can, but I’ve got all these …

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Aug 06 2013

A bug amended?

Jason thinks he has fixed our comment preview bug. Test it! If it’s still annoyingly messed up, go there and complain, not to me, please.

Jun 11 2013


Some of you have noticed some buggy behavior lately: it’s because the gnomes have been tinkering. In other site news, we’re hearing promises that a new front page will roll out in about a week, and there is now a contact link so those of you who experience technical issues know where to complain.

Jun 10 2013

No more Mr Nice Guy

This is a flagrant lie, and I won’t hesitate to call the jerk saying it a liar. PZ Myers, an atheist blogger who writes on the Freethought Blogs network, recently announced that he will publicly reveal the identity of anyone who leaves comments he does not like on his blog using a pseudonym. This nonsense …

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