Ted Cruz is running for president

Of course he is, because this is America, and anyone can become president here, as long as they curry enough favor with enough billionaires…and America also has plenty of crazy billionaires. Cruz is just the first to officially announce his candidacy, and pretty soon Huckabee and Rand Paul and Rick Santorum will come along and we’ll have enough clowns to start a circus.

But as for Cruz…I’ll just let Charles Pierce tell you about him.

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Hectored by an NDE kook

Yesterday, I was rudely confronted on Twitter by a fellow going by the moniker @DConRadiolo who was insistent that he had proof of Near Death Experiences (NDEs). I have no problem believing that people near death have experiences, but I do find it improbable that they represent minds existing outside the body. But this guy was adamant that Life Reviews are “the holy grail of NDEs” and prove that there is something miraculous going on.

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So #GamerGate is outraged at auto-blocking software. There are several blockers out there; a lot of people are finding them useful. I think they’re fine…and I’d say that even if my name were on any of them. I simply do not understand the attitude that it is somehow a violation of a person’s right to free speech if a mechanism is provided to make it easy for other to exercise their right to not listen.

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