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Apr 22 2014

I’m just like Jesus

We’re both bearded white guys who can’t dance.

Apr 21 2014

We get comments

I was just doing a little clean up of the spam queue before I staggered off to bed, and found this one fascinatingly offensive comment that had been flagged for the garbage pile. I have preserved it because it was just so mind-bogglingly oblivious to its own content, but I’ve put it below the fold …

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Apr 21 2014

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Well, I wouldn’t eat it

Australian Geographic

Apr 21 2014

I get email: Still looking for an obliging geophysicist

This guy wrote to me back in September, when he was regurgitating creationist rationalizations for the global flood, at the behest of wacky ol’ Walt Brown. He called me again this morning and sent me another missive. On the phone, he sounded a bit miffed that I didn’t immediately remember who the heck he was, …

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Apr 21 2014

Also, dead people don’t roll in their graves…but point taken

Even if Britain was a Christian country (it isn't); even if "Christian values" were meaningfully distinct from the moral values of humans worldwide (they're not); even if promoting religious doctrine improve moral behaviour in modern society (it doesn't); even if all these were the case, the fact that this rhetoric is being spouted by Mr Cameron would surely make the socialist, leper-lover iconoclast, Jesus Christ, roll in his grave (had he not so famously vacated it).

After that silly poll claiming Britain was a “Christian country”, after many public figures disagreed, I rather like Tim Minchin’s response, given to the British Humanists: It gives way too much credit to a first century religious fanatic (if he existed at all), but I get the point.

Apr 21 2014

Polls of the American public are so depressing


Especially when they poll them on science knowledge. An AP poll on science doesn’t surprise me at all. At least it’s good to know that finally, after 50+ years of hard lobbying and information campaigns, it has finally sunk in that smoking causes cancer. What isn’t so good are the numbers on evolution and climate …

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Apr 21 2014

Patterson and Kehoe, and the great lead debate

You know what is really impressing me about Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Cosmos? That he doesn’t hesitate to draw connections between science and how we live our lives — there is an implicit understanding that science has become fundamental to how we see the universe. Last night’s episode was no exception. What started as an explanation …

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Apr 21 2014

I hate the HuffPo, too. I hate them all.

My complaint about Salon seemed to resonate with a lot of people…but then we acquired some wackaloon named Johny in the comments, raving about auras and magic energy sources and all kinds of idiocy, and then he reminds me that there is a site far worse than Salon: the Huffington Post. Ariana Huffington plunged deep …

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Apr 21 2014

I guess I don’t know the right Christians


Right now, I get more vicious hate mail from atheists, a little bit from Christians, and almost none from Muslims — but I shouldn’t take that as representative. You have to look in the right place to find Christian hatred. You know if any of you commenters said anything like that about any group here, …

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Apr 20 2014

Oh, OK, here’s a happier Easter message



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