Smug and stupid

Jebus. Sometimes I forget how freakin’ obnoxious creationists can be. Below is a video made by Megan Fox, about her visit to Chicago’s Field Museum. Who is Megan Fox, you ask? Not that Megan Fox, this one:

Megan Fox is a homeschooling, Tea Partying, conservative mother of two (with another on the way!) out and about in the suburbs who is also a popular columnist for PJ Media.

You can already guess what she’s going to think of the Field Museum, one of the best museums in the country, and its “Evolving Earth” exhibit. But what you won’t know yet is how goddamn smug, arrogant, and ignorant she can be. Watch the video and learn.

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About that story about customizing vaginal odors…

There’s an ugly turn. The story about a company creating probiotics to make vaginas smell like peaches is wrong, that’s not what the company was trying to do; instead, the “biotech entrepreneurs” who presented it as their own were lying, did not understand the project, and completely mangled the purpose. According to the actual founder of the company,

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