EMPs. Amish cure. $37. That’s the gist.

I get a lot of crap in my email, especially since trolls love to sign me up for weird mailing lists. This morning I got something from “Christian Reader Alerts”, and this is what it said:

It’s a weird little weapon that could kickstart WWIII.

A weapon so easy to produce…that fifth graders make a small version of it for their science projects.

A weapon so powerful, that it could cause a global economic crash, mass pandemics and vicious food riots…at the same time!

And latest reports from DHS reveal that majority of our enemies are preparing to use THIS against us.

>>Click Here To Find Out More>>

So I clicked There to Find Out More.

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Another tool in the atheist armory: video games

An excellent read: The Game That Let Me Mourn My Lost Faith. A former Christian describes his gradual abandonment of faith in the context of a video game about religion that he’s playing, and it’s subtle and complex…both the game and his loss. The games weren’t actively forcing atheism down his throat — they often had fictional religions embedded in them — but they did make him think about alternative explanations, and realize that maybe there were other ways to understand the world outside that bubble of Christianity.

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Next, they ought to ban everyone who has eaten shellfish or wears mixed fabrics

Poor Erskine College. They recently had a successful volleyball season, then two of their players came out as gay — which shouldn’t be a problem, except that Erskine is in South Carolina, right there in the front flap of the Bible Tightie-Whities, and trustees and administrators and community supporters freaked out. What to do? Easy. They turned to the Bible and issued a statement.

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