Jul 04 2014

Friday Cephalopod: Do not taunt Happy Fun Cephalopod


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    Anders Kehlet

    I wonder what caused that behaviour. Perhaps it was simple curiosity. :)

  2. 2

    Here’s my sole funny cephalopod story:

    A friend, who used to dive with my husband, told us he was out and about one day and came across a Pacific Octopus. Friend floated there, watching Mr. Cephalopod for a while and then the octopus extended an arm and twiddled the end of it at our friend as if waving “Hello”. Friend floated closer, stuck out his hand and twiddled a finger back at the octopus, whereupon suddenly-not-so-friendly octopus grabbed the regulator mouthpiece out of his mouth. Friend grabbed it back, cleared it and stuck it back in.

    The funny part? Not-so-friendly octopus stuck out an arm and waved again. Friend repeated the finger twiddle and promptly got his mouthpiece yanked out for the second time. My comment: “And you think you’re higher up the evolutionary ladder than an octopus?” My thought: “That octopus was trolling for stupid divers.

  3. 3
    the original Sandi, now unafraid

    They are going to take over the world. (okay in like 500 million yrs when they’ve evolved some, but it’ll happen :) )

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