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Hey, KPOV Bend Community Radio!

I’ve gotten multiple requests from KPOV to participate in an interview, and I’ve replied to every one, saying I’d be happy to do so…and then a week or two later I get a query again asking if I’d be interested. I think all my replies are getting dumped into a spam trap or something — you might want to check on that.

Still happy to join in. If any of you are in Bend, you might let ‘em know that I really haven’t been ignoring them.


  1. moarscienceplz says

    PZ, I emailed this post to KPOV’s station manager, although I assume you would have already tried that. Hope that gets the ball rolling.

  2. moarscienceplz says

    I just got this auto-reply:

    Thank you so much for contacting KPOV. I will be out of the office from Friday March 7th through Friday March 14th. I will be back on Monday March 17th.

    For timely concerns please contact my coworkers:
    Jill Mahler, Office Manager/Membership Coordinator or Bruce Morris, Development Director


    Pearl Stark
    KPOV Station Manager
    541 322-0863