Mar 03 2014

Mary’s Monday Metazoan: Nom nom nom


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  1. 1

    A remarkably efficient machine for turning leaves into frass and caterpillar.

  2. 2
    Gregory in Seattle

    Why, it’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

  3. 3

    Cool, it makes a nice metaphor for the Koch brothers and Fox news.

  4. 4

    According to the link, this is a sawfly larva. The term caterpillar apparently only applies to the larvae of Lepidoptera whereas sawflies are Hymenoptera.

  5. 5
    chigau (違う)

    I have similar critters doing my currants every year.
    If I could, I would kill them all.

  6. 6

    @5 chigau
    That’s what I don’t like about gardening. You spend most of your time killing things.
    (Some time back I did a “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” reality check. The basic advice was “Don’t think like a Lantern-Jawed Hero (TM). This isn’t war. It’s an integrated pest management problem. Think like a farmer. They spend most of their time killing things with ruthless, cold-blooded efficiency on an industrial scale.”)

  7. 7
    Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought

    Ah yes, I wanted to say it looks cute if it’s not your fruit tree it’s feasting on.
    But chigau was faster.

  8. 8
    chigau (違う)

    The things we call ‘imported currant worms’ strip every leaf.
    strip every leaf
    The bush doesn’t die but there are no berries after it makes new leaves.

  9. 9
    WMDKitty -- Survivor

    Dammit, Gregory beat me to it! But I can still link you to THIS wiki page

    No, seriously, that’s one of my fave children’s books.

  10. 10

    Used to read that to the Spawn all the time :-)

    We couldn’t find a copy in the right language, so we printed out a version of the text ourselves and pasted it into the book on top of the English. Still got a couple of the books we did that with, stashed away as mementos :-)

  11. 11

    If it were a North American species I would say that it is almost certainly a member of the sawfly family Tenthredinidae

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