Nov 05 2013

Brian Cox is the cute one of the pair, right?

I’m pretty sure, anyway.


I should pose with bears. Would confuse everyone.


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    “I should pose with bears. Would confuse everyone.”

    I don’t think you’re big enough for anyone to confuse you with a bear, maybe a loveable, scruffy mutt.

  2. 2
    Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    Sun bear would respectfully disagree.

  3. 3
    niftyatheist, perpetually threadrupt

    A koala, PZ! Everyone will be flummoxed and it will be an awesome picture to boot!

    I love this quote from Brian Cox. Must find a use for it and the poster I saw this morning of Patrick Stewart. Maybe some sort of celebration of awesome things said by awesome people. I wonder if we can get more pix with cute animals?

  4. 4

    I agree that Brian Cox is a cutie.
    His shows on television remind me of watching Carl Sagan when I was young.
    He can speak so well for science and can explain things in such a way that even this old Latin teacher can understand.

  5. 5

    I think it should be horrifying to more people that there are enough willing to be creationist that it can support a political position. Politicians probably don’t care if evolution is fact as long as there are people who will put cash in their pocket for making any claim at all against science.

  6. 6

    Ah, I’m afeard I have to vote for the c*t on this one. Yep, that’s one mighty fine kitten.

  7. 7

    Creationists be lion!

  8. 8

    Cool pic! I once had the opportunity to go in with lion cubs. What an experience. They are unbelievably strong. One put its paw on my arm and I could feel that if it chose it could rip my arm to shreds. Amazing creatures. Also amazing that some turn their backs on the evidence for evolution… not due to reason but because they have an agenda…

  9. 9
    Rob Grigjanis

    Not bad for an Oldham Athletic supporter and Nick Drake look-alike, but I still prefer PAM Dirac’s mini-rant.

    I cannot understand why we idle discussing religion. If we are honest – and as scientists honesty is our precise duty – we cannot help but admit that any religion is a pack of false statements, deprived of any real foundation. The very idea of God is a product of human imagination. I do not recognize any religious myth, at least because they contradict one another.

  10. 10
    Raging Bee

    He gave thirty years and three marriages to evolution, he shoveled shit from endangered animals on four continents, and if you think you can dangle him with this cdesign proponentsist BS, you can go to…oh wait, wrong Brian Cox…never mind…

  11. 11

    Brian Cox has appeared on British comedy programs like Would I Lie to You numerous times, each time representing science well and often with great humor.

    Good message.

  12. 12
    Giliell, professional cynic -Ilk-


    I should pose with bears. Would confuse everyone.

    Well, this morning #1 declared “brown to be the snuggliest colour.”
    Huh? How come?
    “Well, mum, what colour is the coat of brownbears?”
    Well, brown, of course.
    “Do you think those coats keep them snuggly warm in their caves in winter?”
    Yes, sure
    “So, brown is clearly the snuggliest colour!”

  13. 13

    Brian Cox has a programme on the BBC next week on The Science of Doctor Who.


  14. 14
    Daz: Experiencing A Slight Gravitas Shortfall

    Warning: this Brian Cox is a fake. The real Brian Cox is always seen in profile, staring thoughtfully toward the heavens. Weirdly, this is true for multiple observers, from different angles.

  15. 15

    Good quote but I’m going to disagree with exactly one word. It’s not politically motivated, it’s religiously motivated. Although in those circle politics and religion are so closely entwined that you can’t tell the difference.

  16. 16
    PZ Myers

    Brian Cox has appeared on British comedy programs like Would I Lie to You numerous times, each time representing science well and often with great humor.

    He once even appeared on a panel with me and Robin Ince.

  17. 17
    twas brillig (stevem)

    re grahamhlondon@ #13:

    As a “Whovian” (as I assume thou art), Cox also plays a part in the docudrama An Adventure in Time in Time and Space from the BBC, regarding the initial development of the Dr Who series. Scheduled to air the day before The Day of the Doctor, the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary show. /whovianerd

    Sorry to say, I am a total Cox fan-geek. He has supplanted Sagan as the popularizer of Science. His own BBC series of Wonders of the Universe [etc.] plays pretty much the same role as Sagan’s Cosmos. /coxfan

  18. 18
    twas brillig (stevem)

    re myself @17

    OOPS! Wrong Brian Cox in An Adventure in Time and Space, not Prof. Brian Cox, the other Brian Cox.

  19. 19

    He has supplanted Sagan as the popularizer of Science.

    having watched his last 2 4 part BBC series (wonders of life and wonders of the universe) I would have to agree with this.

    he is at least as good as Sagan was in his day.

    plus, the guy can do practically anything. He’s a bloody savant!

  20. 20

    seriously, not to dis Dr Who fans, but if you want to know what Cox is all about, try watching THIS:


    it was extremely well done.

    also this:


  21. 21

    I should pose with bears. Would confuse everyone.

    Bears!? What about cephalopods? Poor things may be sad and dejected if they learn about this.

  22. 22

    PZ, don’t worry be happy. It makes for easier relations with both men and women to not be super good looking. I’ve been telling myself this for a while now and , who knows, I could be right.

  23. 23
    cm's changeable moniker (quaint, if not charming)

    Offered without further comment.

    The Wonders Of Life – is Brian Cox on Acid?

    Except to say that, no, the cute one is the one with the claws. :-)

  24. 24
    Thumper: Who Presents Boxes Which Are Not Opened

    Love Brian Cox. A physicist with a doctorate and an OBE, fellow of the Explorers Club, who played keyboard in a rock band and was on Top of the Pops? The man’s just cool.

    PZ wrote a post recently about Fundie Christians atrocious attempts at youth outreach. They have middle aged men yelling about Jesus and hellfire. We have Brian Cox. We’re winning.

  25. 25

    PZ, have you got a link to that panel?

  26. 26

    Not bad for an Oldham Athletic supporter

    He must be about as disappointed as I am supporting Crewe Alexandra!

    I think the lion cub’s cuter.

  27. 27

    Offered without further comment.

    funny, but off target.

  28. 28

    Found it: http://huffduffer.com/Kevan/46321

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