Sep 19 2013

The money is trickling in

If you check out my fundraising page for the Light the Night charity, you’ll see that we broke $1000 today — we’re at $1850. It’s not enough. My obligations don’t even begin to kick in until we hit $2500, so you’ll have to do more.

Also, nag Ed: he still hasn’t committed to what he’ll do, which is cheating. Some of you are probably holding off until he acquires some nerve.

Greta is going to be wearing a rather spectacularly brilliant hairdo, since we’ve already passed her goal…but you can always suggest new ideas.

Avicenna is also in the game!


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    PZ Myers

    Oh, you awful people. We hit $3000. Now I’m going to have to write something about oncogenes, while wearing a pirate hat.

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