Sep 05 2013

A weekend in DC

I’m flitting off to Washington DC on Saturday to spend some time being a Happy Atheist on Sunday. Come on by, I’ll talk a bit, I’ll read a bit, I’ll answer questions for a bit.


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  1. 1

    …sign books a bit :-)

  2. 2
    PZ Myers

    NO. Sign books A LOT.

  3. 3
    UnknownEric the Apostate

    PZ? In DC? On a Sunday? Fantastic, I can go… wait a minute… the 8th? That’s my daughter’s birthday!

    /shakes fist impotently, yelling, “Blast you, poopyhead!”

  4. 4
    Ashley F. Miller

    Coming to my neighborhood. I will see you. SOON. #FTBullies

  5. 5

    If you’re flying into or out of Dulles, stop by the Hudson Booksellers at C-18 and sign our copy of the book.

    (One copy. We don’t have a lot of shelf space).

  6. 6

    When is the Kindle version out in the UK?

  7. 7

    I know that my daughter is there. I hope that she got to talk with you.

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